Robyn Gardner: The Boyfriend Left Behind (For Perhaps Good Reason)

It has now been nearly 3 months since Robyn Gardner vanished on the Caribbean isle of Aruba. The prime suspect in the investigation, Gary Giordano, has just been extended his stay another 30 days as Aruban authorities continue their investigation into the disappearance and presumed death of the Maryland woman.

I was first approached the eve of Aug. 12th to officially accept this case investigation by the very publicly-declared boyfriend of Robyn Gardner, Richard Forester.

Then following that ‘association’ —

I was contacted directly from Oranjestad, Aruba by Robyn’s close friend and roommate, Christina Jones, the morning of Sept. 5th (Labor Day) – outlining my official involvement on Robyn Gardner’s case file here, as Christina Jones had very much agreed to my protocol to continuing on this case file, despite my reticence with the not-so-forthright earlier encounter with the “boyfriend.”

Now fast forward.


Since the ‘drama’ started to unfold, depicting all the strange twists & turns in this case – the details of Robyn Gardner’s past having surfaced for all the world to see on unfortunate display – the many apparent ‘boyfriends’ that have emerged as the days progressed – the dark, sinister probable outcome of what befell this beautiful American woman, tainted by her ill-advised life choices…

Many emails have flooded my inbox. Some of these were surprising as to the individuals coming forward, some not so much.

In fact, several of Richard Forester’s closest longtime friends were amongst the many who had written me about him, and his apparent ‘facade’ he had assumed before the public.


As stated in a brief post on my official Facebook fan page yesterday morning:

Individuals are entitled in this land to still formulate their own opinions. The emails from a close friend of [Richard Forester] have been pouring in all week through late last night depicting this man closely connected w/ Robyn Gardner in a way that is not consistent with what he portrays in the public eye. I have also received transcripts between [Forester] and others that echo the same.

I am simply ‘balancing the scales’ so the public can decide for themselves.”



As there have been many direct transcript passages and email messages forwarded to me, I will post here a select cross-section so that you, as individuals, may indeed come to your own conclusions as to the ‘other side’ of Richard Forester’s behavioral patterns.


Why have these individuals confided in me? 

Why come forward at all?

What can be gained by posting any of these statements? 


Well — I believe these individuals did not email me in haste with their offerings.

I believe they did so after much deliberation, forethought, and weighing what was ‘right’ versus ‘suppressing’ what they knew to be true. What they knew in their hearts must be uncovered to enlighten those who have been with the Robyn Gardner case from Day 1, or for those just becoming acquainted with these unconscionable events on the island of Aruba.

For those who have followed my work on television within the world of psychic/ crime, they will certainly recall my efforts on the Natalee Holloway investigation for my series, “Haunting Evidence.” (Originally for Court TV, then renamed the TruTV network.)


I am all-too-familiar with the seemingly eerie karma that particular Caribbean destination has incurred.

The transcripts below will feature some actual dialogue between Richard Forester and a gentleman named Ken Barlow, who felt compelled to contact me with these somewhat shocking bits of verbal exchange. (I have been given full authorization by Ken to list his name & website.)   

[WARNING:  Some passages below may be offensive as they contain harsh profanity. Please be advised.]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Richard Forester

  • Ken, Several of us (Robyn’s loved ones and family) have been to Aruba multiple times and will continue to go there and other islands/countries as well. Why do you assume that we haven’t been? Just because I/we don’t announce our presence in Aruba to the world doesn’t mean anything other than we prefer to remain low profile when traveling. We are doing EVERYTHING possible. While I/we appreciate your suggestions, going to Aruba and getting him out of prison to torture him is ridiculous and impossible…it’s not a James Bond movie (believe me, I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT – YOU HAVE NO IDEA). It’s MY missing girlfriend whom I love dearly. Honestly, getting tired of your questions and suggestions as you know very little about whats going on.
    BTW – I appreciate you telling others on this page that they should be listening to CJ and Robyn’s cousin when it’s me who is doing everything I can (yeah, people talk to me)….setting up 501c3 to legally raise funds for reward, proper search, PI’s, etc, dealing with Robyn’s things that the family has questions about, interacting daily with authorities – I am doing all these things while trying to maintain my own family and life. Be realistic Ken, this isn’t a movie. If you have any connections to Navy SEAL team 6, please let me know. Have a good day.

Ken Barlow

  • No one named Richard Forester has entered Aruba through the front door in last 120 days, SL was not a movie in 1996, I went there and slayed a dragon or 2.
  • PS it looks poorly that no member of the family is there. Period.
  • I wish you luck, because that is what you think you need

Richard Forester

  • You talk a big game, but have no idea where I’ve been. You also have no idea who I know that can get me where ever I want or need to go. You’re suggestions are whacked…get him off the island and torture him….ok, I’m on it. What makes you think she’s even on Aruba?

Ken Barlow

  • Correct, I have no idea where you have been, I cannot get that, but I can tell you where you have not been, unless you entered on a cruise ship, you ain’t been to Aruba. I have no idea if she is on Aruba, or alive. But someone does. and the Aruba police are keystone cops at best.To be blunt, SORRY, but there are a lot of people who want to help do all those things you are doing, you need to do one thing Richard – Lead or get out of the way. The interest is going to go away while you are snailing through some red tape, and that is not fair to the girl you love. There are professionals who can move quickly. Strike while the iron is still lukewarm, it is no longer hot. But please strike, or let someone run with this, or encourage her family to do something.

Richard Forester

  • Again…you can’t tell me where I’ve been or haven’t been. No matter what you think or think you know. I’m a crafty mother fucker and I’m smooth. I’m don’t need to explain how I get around…but I’m good at what I do. I ACTUALLY agree with you on the Aruba cops…imagine that?To be blunt back at you, there’s no way I’ll get out of the way. I have done nothing but lead. I made Robyn’s disappearance known to the world. Her families affairs are none of your business or anyone’s…and what people think about that has nothing to do with finding Robyn. The interest is not going away. And I’m not snailing at all, thanks. Don’t for a second tell me what I’m doing is “not fair to Robyn”…u have no clue about anything concerning Robyn. So tread lightly with me Ken…I have professionals of all facets, but without proper cooperation and funds (of which I’ve poured thousands into out of my own pocket already), this is how it has to be done. Nuff said. Take care and thanks for your concern.

Richard Forester

  • Executive Outcome huh? Military Advisor? Is Ken your real name…or did you change it? Are you Eeban Jr. I won’t have anything to do with South African Dutch people or affiliates as I know what happened in the Holloway case. Stick to and don’t post on Robyn’s page….in fact you will now be banned from that page. I will inform everyone associated of what your intentions are.

Ken Barlow

  • seems racist to me

Richard Forester

  • Nope…I just know what happened and what was involved in the NH case. I know how someone was hired to infiltrate the Holloway’s and create havoc. I know he was hired to prevent any form of a boycott….doesn’t matter who it is or where they are from. Just so happens I know the facts…and you have a connection.

Ken Barlow

  • I had nothing to do with NH, I had no intentions of trying to help you other than money, (which I will do) The people I killed were in Africa Angolla, SL, no regrets, I have only done good in my life. Have dual SA and USA status. 4 children, 2 grandchildren, and would kill for all of them

Richard Forester

  • You’re intentions are anything but honorable. I don’t need you telling me how to do this. I’ve got it handled and you are and will be of no help…I can assure you of that. Go ahead bash me…whatever, I’ve got more important things to deal with and now you are out of the picture. I am far from racist. Later dude…

Ken Barlow

You have serious emotional problems, and you wonder why your GF went to Aruba, dude get serious, your attitude apeakes volumes to why she needed someone else


Ken Barlow

PS I have never bashed you, not my style

Richard Forester

Maybe you weren’t personally involved, but you are connected. Guilty by association. You have no idea who I am and what the relationship is with Robyn…so keep your judgments to yourself. AND DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE OR EVEN THINK ABOUT WHAT SHE WANTED….YOU DON’T KNOW HER AND HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVEN THINK OF HER. YOU SHOULD STICK TO YOUR GRANDKIDS. Nope you haven’t bashed me, but saying I’m racist is just ridiculous. PS…buh bye

Ken Barlow

EO was never involved in Aruba, you are so wrong richard. EO liberated the oppressed and those who could not help themselves, (like Robyn) if her fate is in your hands, shame sad


Richard Forester

Believe me…there’s already a lot more people involved that are much more qualified than me and you and EO. Go wash a tunnel. Take ur grandkids fishing and stay out of it. You’re done.

Ken Barlow

Stick to recruiting. That is my advice

Richard Forester

Thanks for your advice hypocrite… Get a life and stay out of other people’s lives. You are not welcome or wanted in any way at all….don’t you have a tunnel to wash?

Ken Barlow

Your life and the length of it are of extreme importance to me, I hope you live a long time, so that everyday you remember that that girl is dead because you abused her and she ran off because of that

Richard Forester

You are a libelous fool. You said you offered me 10k?? And I used curse words. You say I abused her? You have no idea. You lie and believe rumors…I’m gonna sue you so bad. The Virginia States Attorney is a friend of mine (High School), who I am calling now. I am going to come after you so hard for libel.

Ken Barlow

You do not have the balls, you cannot even set up a fund raise, how you gonna sue anybody?

Richard Forester

you offered me 10k you sorry liar. Show me how, where and when I abused Robyn? Those are some serious allegations and I’m going to step on your sorry ass. You are extremely stupid…but I guess the world needs ditch diggers too.

Ken Barlow

you are the only Narcissist I have ever encountered that has no pride, you are the only self appointed boyfriend that brags about his girlfriend sleeping with other people, Stupid? I have two degrees from a big school, you may have a difficult time proving I am stupid, I am guessing your attorney laughed at you, right after he explained the libel law here in va

Richard Forester

No…he actually laughed at you. Do you know Ken Cuccinelli? I do….very well. Keep it up…please. I love when fools like you dig their own graves. Self appointed boyfriend? Ok…hmm, thats why we lived together. I am bragging about it….you really are stupid…you just proved it yourself. And I will have no problem proving libel. Maybe you should go break someone out of jail and take them into international waters so you can torture him (that’s what you do, right?)? Or maybe you just get out of fantasy land and go wash a tunnel with your two degrees…

Richard Forester

Just because you’re upset that you can’t be a part of this…doesn’t mean you should [bash me]….although “it’s not your style”. Liar


Ken Barlow

Ken has a great track record on lawsuits, you should hire him. I will pay your filing fees to sue me, AND I am positive you told him my name and he did not laugh. It takes big balls to sue in VA circuit court for libel, Actually mr smarts It is called Defamation of Character Va has no libel statue, you should not try to practic e law here You are hung up being a part of the first important thing in your life, THE GIRL left you to fuck someone else, you just do not get it, you lived together, but she had a roommate, The people I love are alive and well, YOU cannot say that

Richard Forester

Like I said…this is gonna be fun. Actually, you’re right, I am not an attorney and Ken told me about Defamation of Character. Are you sure VA doesn’t have a “statue” or did you mean “statute”? BTW…sorry you can’t be included and you should get your facts straight because now I’ve got you. Good times

Ken Barlow

As a contractor in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa I acted with honor to protect people like you. I am going to ride my motorcycle. Sue me and I get to depose you for a total of 32 hours. Again, you don’t got the balls, if you had any balls your girl would be alive

it takes money to sue, want me to lend you some

Ken Barlow

my spelling sucs

Ken Barlow

I can help you with the filing, for free of course

you do act like a guilty person

Richard Forester

You are seriously disturbed. Honor? You obviously have none. Can you show me the message where you offered me 10k? Don’t worry about getting anything “set up”. I’ve already got it and you handled.

Ken Barlow

I offered you refused – just read , are you ashamed you called the psychic?
Why is everybody bad when they figure you out?

If Giordano was taking her there just to kill her for the insurance…. why go the extra 1000 miles, wasnt the Bahamas close enough?

Richard Forester

Sounds like you know best…and you never offered 10k. You’re a liar. No one has figured me out, but I’ve got your number. You’re simple, common trash…and that’s clear. Watch out…because here I come. Honor? You are a disgrace to honor.

Ken Barlow

need directions? I am still offering 10K

Ken Barlow

                                                  You are an abusive person, and I have no way of knowing what type of white trash you are…. we did not evaluate stuff like that in Cambridge. Richard just look at your life………. I did not cause you any of this grief, I have never threatened you, just pointed out the obvious. I am not alone in the assessment of you, if you had an honor your girl would be alive. Your threats are that of a coward, why dont you deal with me coward. PLEASE I will buy you a bus ticket. Before you write any more poems or call someone trash, evaluate yourself

Richard Forester

Like I said…dig your hole.

night night Kenny



This next section includes statements, dialogue, transcripts from a longtime close friend of Richard Forester and others who are included in his close circle of friends. These individuals wrote me after much deliberation (about several weeks worth) monitoring their friend Richard’s public & private behavior.


In other words, they felt “Enough is enough.” The focus has been on Richard Forester since this tragic set of circumstances began early August.

They expressed to me the need to come forward and shed light on the truth about Richard, and also the sincere desire to bring Robyn Gardner home to her family – to help in any way they are able.

The longtime friend wished for me to include these statements in this blog piece.




I did not solicit any of the emails, remarks, or transcripts. They were emailed to me in the hopes I would bring light to this situation regarding Richard Forester.

 – Carla Baron





Monday, October 24, 2011 7:03 AM PDT

Hi Carla,

I am/was a friend of RF’s.

I have been reading the post about RF threatening you. I am so appalled by his behavior in all of this. I see you as someone trying to help. It seems as though Richard does not want to share the spotlight with anyone. I am so sorry for his stupid threats against you. I just wanted to let you know more people are on your side than his.

I forwarded you messages from his past friendships in the Bethesda area. He is not well liked and everyone believes he is scum.
I just wanted to forward them on to you. I think it’s great that you want to find Robyn and I hope you just ignore RF’s stupid comments.

I wish you the best and please help us find out what has happened to Robyn. She deserves justice so she can rest in peace. I just wanted to let you know, we all know what Richard is about. It’s not for Robyn, it’s for his own fame and fortune.

This whole thing is tragic. I just wish we could find out what happened to Robyn.


P.S.  I have no issue with you posting transcripts. I have more to send. I appreciate you .

God blessed you with a great gift. Keep doing what your doing.


[Name withheld to protect privacy]


Thursday, October 27, 2011 4:59 AM PDT

Morning Carla. I am not sure if you can view Richard’s facebook page or not. I noticed he put a picture of his 3 children stating that they are the ones who inspire him to keep going. Really??? Not. He has no relationship with them. He has not seen or spoken to them in months. Also he has about 1900 “friends” on facebook probably only 200 of them does he actually know. He has accepted over 1200 friends from people across the US that have heard about Robyn. He has no idea who they are and he post pictures of his children for them all to see. Sympathy of course and of course to show everyone what a great dad he is. Yeah right!! I would never post a picture of my children to a bunch of strangers. Very dangerous if I must say. Im sure his x wife would be furious . She doesn’t even allow their own father to see them let alone complete strangers that could be totally nut jobs. His x-wife has keep her children away from the news, media and him for a reason!!!
I understand in the beginning that he was truly concerned about finding her but life goes on and his children go on with no father.
We all want to find Robyn but enough is enough. His kids need him more than the f’n media does.
I am sorry for ranting but I am so upset. I stood by his side long enough. Be a man and be a father!!!!
As far as I am concerned he is not worth the time or energy to fight back. Lets just sit back and watch karma do its job!!

This what he posted about his children:

Richard Forester : What don’t u understand? I haven’t forgotten Robyn at all….believe me! I also have 3 amazing children that during everything I am dealing with currently, I also have to focus on them as well. They are part of my life that I have to take care of. This is my personal page and my children are a part of me.


I want to puke.

[Name withheld to protect privacy]



Thursday, October 27, 2011 6:28 PM

[Richard] just wrote on fb that he will be on tv tomorrow. Who gives a shit? We don’t want to see you, we want to know what they are going to do about GG.

This is like a soap opera. He is gaining enemies by the minute. Rumor has it he has started a Robyn Gardner fund. I made a comment to my friend and said I wonder where that money will go? hmmmmm…… I wonder.
His reply was to the Richard Forester fun day slush fund!!
Not sure if he really went to Aruba but I really don’t care.
I remember when he fist found out about Robyn’s so called snorkeling incident. Now mind you it happened Tuesday and he did not learn of it till friday. My first question to him was, “what are you going to do?” I really meant how soon are you leaving for Aruba. His response was what can I do? I said are you going to Aruba and his reply was her mom is there. That was strange #1.

Strange #2 – when he was here visiting we went to the Ocean City boardwalk to ride some roller coaster. Just for a mood lift. He proceeded to tell everyone who he was and that his girlfriend was the one missing from Aruba. I was mortified. No one asked him. No one even recognized him.

Strange #3 – we went to the beach to meet my friends where he walked up to them without a hello or handshake and said,  “Do I look different in person than I do on tv?”

I didn’t even tell my friends cuz I didn’t think he wanted to talk about being that he came to the beach to get away. Another mortifiying incident.

As I said I would like to keep my name out of this but if he figures it out oh well.
Richard Forester is the last of my worries. I have known him for 20 years. I know every skeleton in his closet by first name.

I have been contacted by Dr. Drew and several other media but I refuse to comment. This isn’t about RF and his new-found fame. It’s about Robyn and finding out what happened to her.

I met Robyn only once when they came to visit me over this last 4th of July. I don’t have psychic abilities as you but I at times can sense how a person is. I will never forget her smile and she had such an innocence about her. She was Richard’s trophy girlfriend.

From what I have heard directly from Richard – her parents raised her on the belief that her looks were her only assets and she needed work on that because it was the only thing that would get her anywhere. They wanted her to find a wealthy man to marry. Not sure if it’s true, but it sure would explain her behavior. She had no self worth and the men she had in her life treated her like dirt. From the brief weekend I spent with her she was a sweet girl who had her whole life ahead of her.

[Name withheld to protect privacy]



Thursday, October 27, 2011 7:10 PM

He came to you for help. I really think he does not want to share the spotlight with anyone.

I am just so upset with how this turned out. I had always heard Richard was no good but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I truly felt sorry for him when all this happened and I really tried to support him. I can’t handle his lies and his attacks on people that only want to help. Pro Bono I might add.

[Name withheld to protect privacy]




*Actual quotes emailed to me this week from Richard’s close friend (referenced above)

[Names withheld to protect privacy]

On August 23, 2011 7:58:40 PM PDT, [male] wrote:

Forester is a scum bag loser!!


On August 23, 2011 9:01:10 PM PDT, [female]  wrote:

Aww *** how are you???

On August 24, 2011 6:31:56 AM PDT, [male]  wrote:

I’m fantastic. Family is great…

I feel horrible for this girl Robyn, but Richard is a complete scum bag and is taking full advantage of this situation for himself! My brother lived next store to Richard dating back to last December. My brother was the one the Nancy Grace mentioned as neighbors that called the police twice to report domestic violence! I know his x wife extremely well and it’s a disgrace for her and his kids! If he’s so broken up then why isn’t he in Aruba?? I would have been there within hours of learning she was not just missing, but that she had lied and went there to begin with!!

On August 24, 2011 7:55:08 AM PDT, [female]  wrote:

I hear ya. There was an incident at my place in July and police were called.
I’ve seen him a few times since this happened and for what it’s worth he is devastated. When you coming to visit me?

On August 24, 2011 8:01:20 AM PDT,  [male]  wrote:

this is great…more validation that this fucker is a STONE COLD LOSER AND i DONT EVEN KNOW THIS GIRL!!!!

[female]  Hi there!

This is so random, but I saw your comment/question on Richard’s FB page and it really made me laugh. I am FB friends with both of them, and neither had pictures of the other- which I had thought was odd prior to all of this… I had known ‘of’ Richard through **** and then my husband, ****, ended up working with him until recently. **** became the guy Richard went to every time he needed something, and he ended up staying at our house for a week after he found out Robyn was missing (and launched the beginnings of his media circus with a dozen interviews from our living room, unfortunately). He would probably still be here if **** hadn’t kicked him out.

I know Richard was doing the right thing in the beginning, in terms of getting the word out, but at this point, I can’t figure out what his angle is. It’s refreshing to see normal people ask the real questions, like yours and the ones asking why he’s not in Aruba searching for his beloved girlfriend, etc vs these crazy people who praise him on a daily basis…


On August 24, 2011 8:01:41 AM PDT, [male]   wrote:


On August 24, 2011 8:15:09 AM PDT, [male]   wrote:

That was a great educated question u asked him, and what a fantastic reply it got way to go man


On August 24, 2011 8:48:58 AM PDT, [female]   wrote:

Oh geez ***, what did say on richards page??? LOL


On August 24, 2011 9:34:43 AM PDT, [male]  wrote:

I think we should create our own panel and hit the media circuit as well!!


On August 24, 2011 10:31:54 AM PDT, [male]   wrote:

I just hope Richard does not sully the good name of


On August 25, 2011 6:13:45 AM PDT, [male]   wrote:

What has Richard posted this morning…..”Good Morning honey, we had another earth quake last night, but don’t worry honey, thinking of you and I under our special tree kept me safe. So excited to look for you this weekend at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds”


On August 25, 2011 9:16:49 AM PDT, [male]   wrote:

That’s a good one *****…well played


(Saturday, October 29, 2011)


[male] – Check out foresters new human trafficking angle genius way to keep the spot light on himself for yrs to come

[female] – Don’t you love it? Its getting quite pathetic. He has not EVER been down to Aruba. He has not conducted any searches of his own and I have solid proof that he has rejected any outside help. Why is that Richard? Oh yeah cuz you really don’t want to find her because you would no longer be on camera. He has completely botched this case.
It’s time to really start asking him the serious question here.
Why the fuck have you not gone to Aruba?
Just sayin………………….

[male] – I think that’s a perfect ? For u to ask him in a polite way on his wall

[female] – Polite? Ha ha u dont know me very well. His time is coming. The focus should be on robyn. Not human trafficking. Now he has promised to help with the cause when he has found Robyn. Oh boy what a joke?

[male] – I have him on subscription, he’s at it again

[female] – Yes he is but now the post is gone

[male] – He’s a scum bag! Period. End of conversation!!

[female] –   “Richards latest post “A man on fire shouldn’t be messed with… lets more attention on Robyn ”

I think he meant to say “My flame is burning out; I need more attention on me”

He acts like he is sooooooo tough. Ask him how his kids are and what he has done for them lately. He doesn’t pay his wife child support but how could he? He lives in his car for God Sakes!!”

[female] – I was shocked to hear Richard has spent thousand of dollars towards finding Robyn. He has been living been out of his car and occasionally on his brother’s couch. If he can’t afford his own place where is he getting his money? He has none.

[female] – I would love to know what he has spent money on. Possibly going to Aruba to look for Robyn? Nope that can’t be it. HE HASNT EVEN BEEN TO ARUBA. Maybe he spent it on his own search party.’ No that can’t be it either because he declines any and all help unless it involves be


Let me say this:

I am in no way stating this dialogue submitted to me is true – or not based in truth.

I am just stating that several different individuals revealed this information without provocation from me, or anyone else, for that matter.

I am not sitting in judgment. Just a different perspective has been presented from those intimate with Richard Forester & Robyn Gardner.

That is all.

Nothing more.

~  Carla Baron


One more thing:

A last text received by Christina Jones from Robyn Gardner in Aruba revealed she was BREAKING UP w/ Richard Forester upon her return.

(I heard this directly from Christina Jones in our preliminary Skype call the afternoon of Sept.5th)



I am a psychic profiler, and that was what Richard Forester asked… no, actually, pleaded for me to do, back on Aug. 12th   – to officially accept his case in the search for Robyn Gardner.

And that is exactly what I did – I made a promise.

Not to Richard Forester …  but to Robyn.


(And this still holds true for me until the day Robyn Gardner is no longer missing.)



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