Carla knew absolutely NOTHING about renovations on my parents’ mausoleum in Chile – she was DEAD ON – I was shocked.


First of all, I just want to say that I have called other readers before – other psychics – and they were a complete joke.

You are a TRUE psychic.

Had a reading with Carla yesterday – this was my third time.

I owned a business for about 12 years, and have never ever had major problems with my employees, so I never gave a thought or worried about one of them harming my business.

In a psychic reading about a year ago, I asked Carla about my business – just for curiosity – after talking to her for a while about other things. She told me someone was going to try to harm my business, jealousy or whatever was the reason, and I thought to myself, “No that can’t be possible.” I have never had a problem before. I treat all the employees the way I would like to be treated. It was literally impossible one of them would try to do something bad.

Was I ever wrong!

Carla was SO RIGHT ON with this prediction!!

A few months after Carla’s reading – EXACTLY what she told me was going to happen came true!!! I couldn’t believe it!

(Carla has a special gift of reading the future for you. She really does.)

I asked her about my son who is overseas in Chile – wanting to go to college in a different country. She explained things to me about his personality and the way he sees life. She was correct on every single thing about him. I feel much better after she told me how happier his life will be over there, and why.

I asked Carla to tell me about another son. He is 16 and has been dating a girl for almost a year. I worried that the relationship is getting too serious as both are only 16, and she is my son’s first girlfriend. To my surprise, Carla described my son’s personality to the T and also told me that both truly love each other. She said both have met again on this earth from a previous life, and to get used to her because some day they will both marry each other. She also described her being a “little controlling over him and that he likes that,” which I KNOW all that to be absolutely true!

After talking to Carla about my son’s relationship with this girl, I do feel much better. I know now he is not going to get hurt, and even thought both are only 16 years old, but they really, truly, love each other. They get along so great together.

I also asked Carla about my middle son, she described him as “a dreamer,” which I know because several times teachers in school have told me he doesn’t pay attention in class and they tell me his focus drifts away from class like he is “dreaming.” Carla told me how he feels and what to do about his feelings because he keeps things way deep inside. Talking to Carla helped me understand my son better now, and helped me to help him cope more in his life.

She also told me about a project I was going to start shortly. My parents’ mausoleum needed painting and the roof needed repairs.

Carla knew absolutely NOTHING about this – she was DEAD ON – I was shocked.

She told me my mother was coming through in the reading to tell me a message. (Carla even said how she didn’t really understand why my mother would come through to talk about a construction/ renovation project, but she said my mother’s spirit was strongly insisting.)

Carla said my mother was warning me to be very careful around this project because the “workers were going to do a bad job by purchasing cheap materials.” I was planning to send the money to Chile for my handicapped brother overseas there to start this renovation project because I am thousand of miles away. The fact that my brother is disabled, he was going to count on the workers to buy the materials and hope for them to do a good job.

I am so happy Carla told me what was going to happen if I proceeded with this project as planned – she saved me a big headache, a big disappointment, and lots of money.

If you have any doubt, questions about anything, or want to know about your loved ones that have passed on, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Carla. She is worth every penny. I have personally tried other readers like I said, and truly – Carla is the Best.

Thank you, Carla.

I will be calling Carla for sure again. This will be my fourth time. You won’t regret it – Carla is the “BEST.”


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