We got a lot done and had a great session! You’re THE BEST B-DAY PRESENT EVER!!


We got a lot done and had a great session! You’re THE BEST B-DAY PRESENT EVER!! I really needed clarity on the stuff we talked about and you gave it to me head on. Plus some new stuff to look forward to!

TJ: He is all over the place emotionally. I thought it was just me but as I look back it is EVERYTHING in his life. You were also correct when we had our last reading in Jan about him coming back to me and look who shows up. 100% ACCURATE on that one. My b-day I’ll have to just wait and see. I am really not in the mood to do anything so your psychic vision matches with my mood right now. My roommates are all annoyed at me b/c of this, but oh well. And I will try and be more gentle with him in the future, I can be a lot to handle.

Facebook Issues: What my family is doing to me is disgusting. I’m not saying that I didn’t have a hand in anything that happened, but they all really need to GROW UP. That’s my opinion, and I’m glad I got conformation on why they’re not friending me on FB. The fact that they ‘tolerate’ me like you said also makes me very uneasy, but it’s so like them. Maybe me leaving in the next 18 months, like you said, will help me get away from them FOREVER. I hope so. I’ll look into the B&B positions in the far Northeast (R.I., MA etc). Just so I’m prepared.

Mother (Erin): She’s a Gemini, and I know they are fickle characters. I just keep on forgetting how fickle they are!! Thanks for giving me insight on that one, now I KNOW what I am dealing with. Thanks for the clarity on her personal affairs, I REALLY needed that. I am glad she will be purging herself of negative people in the future though. For both our sakes. I am also glad I have clarity on her medical situation, now I know everything is fine while I am down at school.

Thanks SOOOOOOOOO much and I look forward to another reading soon.





Update on situation with TJ:

I had lunch with a friend today and she and I started talking about what happened between me and him. I didn’t want her to be in the middle but she told me that the one day I saw them talking together, I had been a topic of conversation.

Anyway, back to our reading last week. You told me he wasn’t quite sure about how to handle the friendship, and he was kind of slipping and sliding and didn’t know what he wanted out of it, or what to do now that we were not OK. I asked you why he came back and you said he still wants me around. My friend today, told me that “He is unsure of what to do, but I know he still wants you as a friend. He’s just unsure of what to do next.” HOW COOL!!! A little over a week after we had the reading I have lunch with her and she tells me exactly the same thing. I was speechless. I never told her I got a reading, but I don’t think its ironic that the first mutual friend I talk to, I hear this. That’s a def confirmation you were RIGHT ON!!! Not that I needed it though, I knew u would be 🙂


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