Past Lives…To Be Remembered

I was having an enlightening experience while getting my nails done the other day .. my regular girl was in her home country of Vietnam visiting, so her husband, David, did my nails this time. (Actress Kaley Cuoco also gets her nails done by these same 2, just sayin’.)

Anyway, I have known them for years. Both were extremely familiar souls to me when we first met – I was sure I had known them both, along w/ their eldest daughter, in at least one past life (probably more.) I have personally come to know through the thousands of psychic readings and medium sessions that I have done that reincarnation is real.

(Being raised Roman Catholic, that was a bit of a departure.)

Reincarnation is considered by some to be the greatest “unknown” scientific discovery of modern times. In the last chapter of Dr. Ian Stevenson’s book entitled Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation (1967), he provides exhaustive scientific reasoning which concludes that reincarnation is the only viable explanation that fits the facts of his study. He considers every possible alternative explanation for his twenty cases of young children who were spontaneously able to describe a previous lifetime as soon as they learned to talk. He was able to rule out alternative explanations using one or more of his cases. Later research also bolstered his findings in favor of the reality of reincarnation. His study is also reproducible for any skeptic who doubts the validity of his study to repeat it for themselves. I believe it is only a matter of time before these findings are realized by the scientific community to be one of the great scientific discoveries of all time.

– Kevin R. Williams, author of “Nothing Better Than Death”
( Insights From 62 Profound Near-Death Experiences)

As I was getting my nails done, all of a sudden I had a “flash” vision of David tilling a field on a tract of farmland. I knew he was raised in the Buddhist tradition, so this was a perfectly normal conversation for us to be having.

It was such a vivid imagery – so lucid, so real. I knew I was having a psychic experience because of the placement of the images in my brain, where they were actually emanating from near my 2nd Chakra (that of the ‘Third Eye’.)

Typically, I do not break out into a past-life regression during my nail salon visits, but there it was. So I revealed my psychic impressions to him, knowing he would either validate my vision, or exhibit a half-dazed confusion with the whole thing.

(I mean, it was the middle of the day, and ultra chaotic in the salon as usual.
Not the time to be breaking out into a full-on past life journey into the
Akashic Records.)

David immediately started telling me of his desire (in this life) to buy some farmland, as he was always drawn to planting a field of his own, tilling the soil, growing fresh vegetables he could harvest out back behind his home someday. In fact, he actually dreams of it, he said. He remarked how the Buddhists believe many dreams occur to reveal bits & pieces of your past incarnations – much like my past life vision that appeared only moments before.

Most major religions have reincarnation as a basic tenant. Early Christians believed in past lives as well until the Catholic Church banned it as a heretical offense, nowhere in the Bible is reincarnation denied as a spiritual reality. Because of this, the tradition of reincarnation in the west is new and takes an approach that often leads to a more surface understanding. We want to know if we’ve been here before, who we’ve been and maybe to see if we were some famous past-life figure. Often times, the deep spiritual meaning as well as the importance and effect that on our current life situations are often overlooked.

Hindu tradition views reincarnation as a spiritual prison where we keep going around an endless circle of lives and reincarnation until we reach enlightenment. This enlightenment can be reached at any moment ending the cycle of incarnations. In Buddhism, incarnations are a way of development of the soul and the realization that there is no me/you or mine/yours. We come together in the realization that we are all one with everything. Obviously, these are simple statements for dynamic religions that have been in practice for thousands of years.

I told David that I believe that the experience in your brain where dreams seem to virtually ‘come alive’ is very similar in nature to my psychic visions and how they manifest.

When I have visions that burst out of nowhere, I tend to allow them entry. There is usually some lesson for me underlying after the initial interpretation has waned. I see how I am truly meant to be a known psychic, medium, and profiler this lifetime. It is a wondrous task that I am compelled to engage every single day… satisfyingly so.

There is always a hidden message within the ethers.


Many fans & clients from around the globe have inquired if there is ever a time or instance where I don’t receive messages or data within a psychic read or medium work.

Like I said earlier, there is ALWAYS something, some piece of informational data extracted from the connection – with one caveat, though… I don’t FORCE the information to come through. It must manifest organically, naturally, when I am
within the sessions.

Also, I have been asked when tapping into a soul, or souls, who have crossed over –

“Are you sure it is my so-and-so you are seeing, hearing? Could it be that maybe you have this one mixed up with someone else near me?”

The answer is “Yes, I am sure. I don’t get mixed signals when I have made the connect.”

(At least not so far within my journey this lifetime.)

You see, there is a certain place in my head where all this material resonates, and I KNOW when I have ‘locked onto the target” … or am “in the zone.”

It feels the same each & every time.

Like clockwork.

I’m there.

As far as my own past lives,
well … yes, I have done a couple past life regressions with different practitioners early on, before discovering my true path as an intuitive – mainly just to see what that would bring forth and explain within this lifetime.

Much information came through, but to be honest – I was not comfortable having these particular individuals conducting a ‘harvesting’ within the deep realms of my subconscious – the sacred place which held truths from lifetimes long ago, and those more recent.

The one gentleman conducting my first past life regression started touching my face to wipe away tears of what seemed sheer euphoria on my cheek near the end of the session, and I pulled away instantly – snapping at him about what he thought he was doing!

(I don’t like to be touched, unless, of course, I extend the personal invitation to do so.)

I felt exposed, almost spiritually raped, as I had so much information come through on several of my past lives in that session. It was amazing how different this was compared to my usual readings where I am in control, and confidently direct the ‘current.’ It was far more intense, deep, images sailing in almost faster than I could capture in my mind’s eye.

It’s not as if you are NOT in control of what is happening when placed in this somewhat deep trance like state during a regression… it’s just not the expected images or sensations a psychic-medium-to-be like myself was used to experiencing – especially when it was featuring me in various roles, lifetimes – some very surprising, some which explained so much of how exactly I ended up here in 2012 in this incarnation today.

After some research while writing this piece, I am very much intrigued by a method called “Past Life Therapy” versus what is commonly known as “past life regression.”

Past Life Therapy Center utilizes a form of hypnosis, or more specifically de-hypnosis, which is a “focused-state” that allows a client to remember what they reveal and finish in sessions. It is not one of the many conventional therapies that are therapist-centered and rely on someone to “tell you what to do.” These approaches do not address the unconscious mind and its survival-based motivations or pre-existing traumatic experiences, which remain as unresolved, confusing incidents until resolved.

Past Life Therapy will broaden a person’s consciousness and overall awareness. Its goal is to establish mental, physical, and spiritual alignment which encourages a balanced, healthy state of being. PLT stimulates the development of one’s intuition and clients report feeling more focused, creative, productive, and fully present in their daily life with each session. PLTC clients report an internally supported confidence and peace with themselves and others they have a karmic/energetic connection with in this lifetime. Furthermore, many mind/body related issues are resolved for clients who complete the Past Life Therapy process, as it promotes closure and spiritual healing at its source.

We are already hypnotized, programmed, and conditioned from previous lifetimes and during prenatal/birth experiences, surgeries, and throughout our adult life. Hypnosis, or preferably self-guided de-hypnosis, is a technique used to uncover and resolve the unconscious source of one’s challenges or negative patterns. Clinical hypnosis is performed in a variety of ways depending on the therapist’s training. Hypnotherapy and/or traditional-type regressions (such as those popularized by Brian Weiss’ past-life counseling) can be another form of suggestive therapy. These approaches often do not create long-term results because they lack clinical structure/methods. Furthermore, the unconscious mind will eventually reject suggestions if the core issues (unconscious scripts) aren’t completely revealed and resolved.

Past Life Therapy reveals the true beginnings of one’s victim-victimizer patterns and permanently resolves this karmic cycle. These cycles of victimization are survival-based. They originate from prehistoric times to modern day battlefields motivated by basic human survival and fear of death.

Many people live their life unconsciously influenced by past-life fears, traumas, and unresolved emotional issues. These unconscious events or patterns can manifest both physical and emotional effects similar or identical to what was experienced in previous lifetimes. The confusion created during unresolved experiences prevents them from living a healthy life as they constantly struggle to complete these dynamics and gain clarity in their everyday living. When healing occurs at the past-life source or root of confusion, life changes dramatically since wellness and purpose become the natural, motivating factor to live and thrive.

Whether you believe in the idea of past lives .. or merely curious to explain those feelings of ‘deja vu’ that hit you from time to time..   maybe that recurring nightmare from another time, another place that you can’t seem to shake…

There is a plethora of information right there in your memory banks – just waiting to be tapped, utilized, absorbed, assimilated into this lifetime.

I have seen these other lifetimes. Truly seen them with others I have read. Felt the inner connect with my own past incarnations.

There is no denying once you have witnessed these past events, sights, sounds, loves, deaths, rebirths.

You must know more.

Now go discover who you were before…

Who you are now.

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