Carla – you were DEAD ON about this love relationship !!!

I did this reading as a quick thing to really get the info on a friend that has kind of been up and down. Carla hit several points RIGHT ON!! I have been having issues with him for a while and am glad I got these confirmations because I was so lost on what to do with our friendship, and whether it still existed. Carla was precise, and clear on what was happening with him.

I know he’s on edge, I see it every time we’re in the same space. YOU WERE DEAD ON!!! I know why he acted the way he did, and the confirmation you gave me just backed my suspicion on what’s going on with him emotionally. I am glad I know the reasons why he did what he did the night we had that fight, and I now know where to go with him later on. I will take your suggestion on what to do in the future. There was no reason for all of this to happen, and when you said that he wants some kind of romantic relationship and is stuck on how to go about getting it, I can see that because he has said things like this to me before, so you picking up on that was GREAT!! 100% ON THAT ONE.

He also told me that he did not know what to do with the relationship, and then just one day stopped talking to me out of nowhere. Your confirmation that it was not because he hates me, but because he is unsure of how to get what he wants was, and how to go about getting it was TOTALLY ON!

I have heard that recently from a mutual friend, so I am glad to get a confirmation on that as well.

You are a gem and thank you for everything!

I have such fun treating myself to these and I will say that they make fantastic presents… the one on my birthday was great also!!


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