Once again Carla was the conduit to information that changed everything. I learned about loved ones here and already passed over.


Paying It Forward

In Sept. 2007, I had my first reading with Carla. Following the death of my son earlier that year I was lost, living in tremendous pain and confusion. The things Carla helped me learn that day changed everything. Out of a wealth of information I not only received great comfort, but was also instructed not to let my son’s absence ruin my life. This is a lesson I have referred to thousands of times. I have always carried enormous gratitude to Carla for her help. Yes, she does charge for her services. This is the way she makes her living. But my gratitude stems from the fact that she is so willing to share her gift to better the lives of others.

Since my last contact with Carla I’ve also lost my beloved husband, amazing Daddy and precious Mother. The grief has almost killed me at times, and my main “emotions” have often been bewilderment combined with numbness. My life is running over with questions for which there do not seem to be any answers. I fear that if I make an incorrect choice everything will collapse like a house of card.. so I’m often afraid to make any move at all.

This morning as I drank my coffee I wondered if I would ever regain focus, if I would ever be able to sleep again, if I would ever see the day when I’m not completely overwhelmed with decisions and responsibility. And in a moment of absolute inspiration and clarity it came to me – get in touch with Carla.

Once again Carla was the conduit to information that changed everything. I learned about loved ones here and already passed over. Not all of the information was good, but I still need to know what to let go, what I can change, what I can’t. The framework of life I live and function in was stripped down to show me how I’m hurting myself and what specific steps I can take to effect change. I had no idea!! It’s strange to spend so much time in self-reflection and planning only to find that you skipped over the most harmful things!! Simple instructions were also given to help me improve my health. Who would have thought?!

I had finally painted what seemed to me to be the new picture of my life. Not the pitiful widow-childless mother, but the unmarried woman who lived a quiet life, enjoying her hobbies, keeping to herself within her own living space, loving and being loved by friends and what very little family I have left. I have more than suspected for over 4 years that teaching would be a part of my life but could not identify it. Now I also know how that will come together, and how it will satisfy my soul.

There was neither thought of nor desire for a significant other or even a date. As I told my cousins and friends many, many, many times – been there done that, it was great, I was blessed, stop telling me about all the stinking fish in the sea – PLEASE leave this alone. I certainly don’t need or want some man lying on my couch waiting for me to do his laundry, thinking he’s doing me a favor by giving the widow some company. Carla could see all of this and pointed out that I was in full sabotage mode. Ya think?!! And then — she said I need to get over all of this because I’m going to fall in love this year. WHAT??

Much to my everlasting surprise, I had recently accepted the offer of a dinner date, but we never got there. Things seemed to just fizzle out and we were over before we started. Carla was able to show me what his life is like right now and how things look from his perspective. (I did not say one word about this guy whatsoever when Carla just KNEW!) She described him both physically and spiritually! She made sure I understand that he is truly more than willing to take our relationship at my slow pace because I am already that important to him. Carla also confirmed that he is real – the sweetheart of a man I believe him to be.

She shared that “…his greatest joy in life is to make you smile.” Then I lost my mind and decided to toss his name to Carla to check the fit.


So, the bottom line is this – 2012 will be the year we fall in love, and this love will last for the rest of our lives.

Now I am ready – not to fear, not to sabotage – just ready to kick back, watch – and ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!

Thank you, God, for the plans you have for my life. Thank you, God, for allowing Carla to see and to help.

~ Hi, my Kev!! How amazing to know that you will learn of this one day in 2012. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Bakersfield, CA

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