Carla peers into the Will of a deceased family member, and then gets it so right with a dream interp!

Hey Carla –

During this reading we hit on a dream I had that I was kind of confused about, as well as my aunt who is no longer here. There are issues going on with her Will that I wanted to get a better look at, as well as see where I would be involved in the process.

Carla looked into a specific dream I had. It had a certain family member in it that I am not fond of, so I wanted to know why she ended up in my subconscious after a lot of bad stuff has gone down. In addition, there are family issues going on presently, so I wanted to know if she was going to be heavily involved in it. Carla calmed my fears and explained why certain things were going on in the dream between me and her. I feel better knowing that things will be OK, and she and I won’t get into it. THANK YOU, Carla, for sorting this out for me.

Carla and I have spoken several times regarding my aunt who died in 2011. Her will is being contested by my family because of issues she had with a step daughter. I asked Carla which family members will be doing depositions, as that is the next step in the process according to the lawyers. Two main players I know of are my cousins Mary and Mike. Mike did a lot to make things start rolling when everyone spoke during a phone call last week – so Carla was DEAD ON with that one!!!

Mary was very close to my aunt for a long time, so this would also be quite accurate. Carla stated that I am going to be in the ‘2nd wave’ with this process. I feel better knowing where I stand in this whole thing, so thank you Carla for clearing that up for me. Also, Carla told me these would not be as much along the lines of ‘depositions,’ as an interview type of thing. This is what she saw when I asked her about it. I am so happy I know what will happen because the whole thing is one big unknown. So, THANK YOU Carla for clearing up what is going to happen.

I have done so many readings with Carla that now my grandmother, who is the BIGGEST skeptic on the planet, is starting to ask how the readings go. To tell the truth, I wouldn’t expect anything else when it comes to this amazing psychic, Carla Baron!

Jess x♥o♥x
New Jersey

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