On the Baby Adoption – I just really wanted to personally tell you, Carla, that everything happened just as you said it would. YOU REALLY NAILED IT ON THIS ONE!!!



Psychic Reading Testimonial

dated Dec. 12, 2011


Hello Carla –

It has been a bit since I have emailed you, but early this past January we received the most amazing gift in the world, a beautiful healthy perfect baby girl! It is nuts because all the “feminine” energy that you originally felt in our previous reading about the boy that did not come to us was definitely for this little diva girl!

You said something important was going to happen in February and indeed – we did have something that came up very early in the month. Also, you said that you felt there would be a finalization happening at the end of March, early April. That’s when we received the signed order from the judge and also got her birth certificate.

You also said that you saw the letter “C” floating around. Without even remembering until 4 days after this — we had already named her “Chloe.”

One more thing, you said the 2nd lawyer that we hired would be the one to help us and sure enough, it was she who gave us our beautiful Chloe.

I just really wanted to personally tell you that everything happened just as you said it would. After the “boy” fell through I thought, “Oh no – not again” … and boom! Our daughter has been here since early January now.

Oh Carla, this child is a camera ham lol and her eyes are beyond belief. When I saw her for the first time, I got chills because immediately our whole reading came to mind. It was amazing. She has stolen our hearts and our camera as well lol. 🙂

Oh, when you spoke about amazing eyes and beauty, that’s our girl. Not to be bias, but everyone who has seen her pictures cannot believe how gorgeous this infant is, and her eyes are huge and amazing. The doctor said that she will be very tall as she is already long for her age.


All the best ~


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