Dream Interpretations, Accurate Insight Into Bad Habits Turned Toxic

Hey Carla,

Today our reading focused on two dreams I had, and a question concerning a family member who has recently had a baby. Through the dream interpretations, we were able to touch on a few toxic things I am doing as well concerning my family.


Dream 1- In this specific dream, Carla told me I am going to start a new life; we have also talked about this in previous readings. In this dream I am running around trying to find clothes, as well as running from a specific family member in the dream. Carla told me that when I make this MOVE up far northeast (I’m thinking New Hampshire, maybe Vermont) – it will be very last minute thing, and I will do it haphazardly and quickly. My cousins being in the dream are both “markers” for me.

That is why they showed up. Carla you WERE 100% ACCURATE! That is my personality to a “T.” My other cousin was on the phone with my Mom in the dream, and rolls her eyes after hanging up. Carla explained that there will be misconceptions about me that are gossiped about, and all of it has to do with my mother, and what she tells everyone else in my family.

Again – She Was TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!

Dream 2- Two of my family members and me were in the same room (one is dead). Carla told me that they were put there by me and that I “cast” them in the dream. My great aunt, who passed in September, was missing, or had lost some of her teeth. Carla told me this signified things she was unable to say before her death. My cousin who was also in the room with us, walked out, after whispering something to an unknown older woman. Carla saw that she wished to remove herself from the “drama” that is presently going on in my family. I am SO happy I got both of these dreams sorted out. THANK U CARLA!!!

Marisa (cousin)- I asked Carla why none of us were invited to a baby shower, since she recently had her first child. Carla explained how she wants to distance herself from our family. THIS IS SO BEYOND ACCURATE I GOT CHILLS!! Marisa left the family after her parents divorced. AGAIN SHE WAS TOTALLY ACCURATE ON THAT ONE!

Thank you again, Carla!


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