“I want to thank Carla for the inspiration and motivation she embedded in me.”


First of all, I want to thank Carla for the inspiration and motivation she embedded in me.
I had hit rock bottom in my personal life. That is because I allowed myself to get to this point. Carla pinpointed exactly where and why I have been feeling so down and “victimized.” Right off the bat she saw how much I allowed myself to be in the “gutter,”
for a lack of better words.

I was so concerned about someone else that I forgot I need to think about myself, as well. She made me realize how much of an impact I allowed someone to have on my life, and this isn’t the good kind of impact.

I originally reached out to Carla in regards to my significant other. But this read helped me understand myself and the issues within myself that directly impacted my personal life. This read was an eye opener; many see abuse as physical abuse but Carla stated that I fell in a “psychological abuse.” That shook me because I never imagined such a thing and would have never guessed that I, of all people, would fall into such a pattern.

A lot of things started to make sense with our conversation. The burning questions about why he was behaving the way he was all made crystal clear sense. This is the third read I had with Carla, and I do believe this third read was a third luck charm in figuring out many things about myself and my personal life.

She said sometime around my birthday in July I will begin to evolve and see many changes with myself. Yes, all for the good!

Carla, you have given me the inspiration and motivation to better myself. Many women at one point or another go through similar situations where they feel weak. It is important to understand that only WE have control over how weak or strong we would like to be.

Carla helped me open my eyes and see that. I will definitely keep you posted to see what happens in the coming months!


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