I really enjoy my readings with Carla – she provides powerful insight with amazing accuracy.


I had my fourth reading today with Carla. The very first thing she told me that I needed to stop fixating on this man and our situation. I was stunned as Carla had NO idea how much I have been focusing on him, what to do and how this will all turn out in the end. She advised me to “stop trying so hard and to give it up to the universe” as there is nothing else I could do. There was no way for her to know that I have been feeling this exact way. I have often felt that I have done everything I can do and maybe it’s time to let it go and let it be what it will be.

She understood that my situation is very complicated and I have been struggling with it for some time. Carla encouraged me to focus more on myself and what makes me happy to balance. She also recommended that I not “tie myself” to this man’s problems, and that distance from these things is key to MY happiness.

Carla understands that I have really been conflicted when I consider giving him distance as I never know what to do. She reaffirmed my belief that I need to maintain centering on me, and allow the universe to do the rest. This brought me such comfort and it was a confirmation of those things I have been secretly wondering.

Carla also told me to stop giving the “other” woman so much power and attention. Carla told me firmly “stop looking her photo” and that this only feeds the negative. This made me giggle as I have viewed her photo on a website before (something Carla could not have known). She is right as this is giving my power away and she said directly, “Stop it, stop it right now!” I know I will hear her words if I ever think about accessing this woman’s photo again!

I also asked Carla about my 94-year-old grandpa. I wanted to know when he will pass as I can feel he is unhappy. She predicted around February of next year is when his “first exit point” will be. Carla playfully said, “Your grandfather is ornery and is holding on to terrorize you all!” Carla described him perfectly!!! He can be like a puppeteer and often meddles in other people’s business and the family encourages this. She said, “Stop feeding the monster!”

(Once again there was no way she could have known this as she hit the nail on the head with this one!!)

I really enjoy my readings with Carla – she provides powerful insight with amazing accuracy.

Mitzi from Alabama

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