When he was talking, I literally was glad I was sitting down, because all of these things you’d said over the previous weeks just kept being validated. I couldn’t believe it. How you are able to be so precise with details is beyond me.


My stellar psychic reading testimonial:

A little more than a year ago I was a sobbing mess, clutching the phone in my hands, crying to you on the phone. I was in a miserable marriage, in the middle of a strange situation with another person, and quite frankly…NONE of it was getting any better. I truly felt that my life was in the toilet and there was really no point in living it anymore. Had it not been for what you told me that day and for my child, I still wonder if I’d be here today. I was that sad.

Soul lessons are hard work. I mean hard. Life here on Earth is not a walk in the park by any stretch. I feel like I’ve struggled to find happiness and security my whole life but have never had both at the same time. When I got to the point where I had no where else to turn I ordered a reading with you. Since that first time, I have had quite a few readings with you and I have to say, the reason I keep coming back is because you’re so right about everything.

That day last year when I was in such a hopeless situation you helped me hold on by telling me that there was love around the corner for me, but to get there I had to get some things done in my life, grow some kahunas, barrel through the hard stuff, and come out on the other side a better person for it. You told me that if you had to put your money on it, you’d bet that in 5 years’ time I’d be a happily married woman, in a best friend’s type relationship with my ex-husband and amicably sharing our child.

These months have been so very hard. But I have the signed divorce papers on the front seat of my car waiting for my attorney, and my soon to be ex-husband and I are, in fact, better friends now than we’ve ever been. In fact, he’s given me his blessing to date again, and of course, just like you said, I’ve already met the guy and he makes my head swim. We aren’t dating yet, but I feel it’s right around the corner and I’m so hopeful and so excited I can barely function!

You helped me identify him months ago when you literally described his physical appearance to a T (muscular, lots of physical energy, intelligent, responsible, hardworking, and pretty much perfect). It was 5 months after that reading when I took up a new hobby – it was something to get me out of the house, exercising, and spending time with my child. God he’s so handsome I noticed him the very first time I went to the place and watched him from across the room each week. A few weeks later I got a reading with you and told you his first name. You confirmed he was the one! Since then, it’s slowly evolved into what is happening now. One of his friends told me he “is pretty much the “perfect” guy.” Recently, you told me that we’d start doing things together and he’d think I was “smokin’ hot.” A few days later he was talking to me about someone he’d dated a long time ago and he used the term “smokin’ hot” to describe how she looked! I just about fell over.

He’s been divorced for a few years and because he is still single everyone around him assumed he just couldn’t get over his ex-wife, but you never used the term “ex” when you talked about who he was worried about. You always said “the other one.” Well, lo and behold, he told me the other night that he’d been in a relationship that no one knew about! And you told me that they had had a huge fight and sure enough, he told me about that too, and that it was now over. You told me he was struggling financially, and he confirmed that too. You told me there were some problems at his job that he wasn’t happy about – um, yep he talked about that too! When he was talking I literally was glad I was sitting down, because all of these things you’d said over the previous weeks just kept being validated. I couldn’t believe it. Geez how you are able to be so precise with details is beyond me.

You’ve given me so much information about him, and most importantly, you’ve given me almost step-by-step instructions on how to get there with him. Soul lessons are not easy, and it’s easy to screw things up. I did this with him at least twice; had him so mad he wouldn’t even look at me – and each time you told me EXACTLY what to say & do to make things better (“return to the scene of the crime and act like everything is cool”) and each time it worked. You kept telling me to be patient and I haven’t been so patient but now I see why the build up is so important. Months ago you told me he’d want to be friends first…and guess what, you’re right about that too. Now that we have this sweet little friendship going, I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for me.

I literally had to make a list of all the things you got right. Some are too personal or revealing to list, but I hope I’ve done you justice with this.

You’re no longer my psychic Carla. You’re my psychic life coach!

Love from Georgia and thank you ever so much!

Atlanta, GA

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