First let me explain that I have seen a few psychics – including Irene Hughes, Patrick O’Brien and John Edward… They were all great, but Carla was special. She knew the questions I was going to ask before I even asked them.


This is a testimonial regarding my experience during a reading that I received from Carla Baron. First let me explain that I have seen a few psychics including Irene Hughes, Patrick O’Brien and John Edward… They were all great, but Carla was special. She knew the questions I was going to ask before I even asked them.

Here are a couple of things that were confirmed:

My mother passed away a few years ago. Carla saw her passing and said that it was from an explosion in her chest. No one could have possibly known that since I have never once told anyone other than the people who witnessed her passing. Most people know that she had cancer for many years, but what they don’t know is that she went into a coma because she had fluid build up in her lungs that almost happened over night. She was in a coma for two days and never regained consciousness. Carla knew that people were sticking suction tubes down her throat and that it was very uncomfortable for her. She said she was welcomed by her loved ones even before her passing which again no one knew, right before she went into a coma she was talking a in a strange language to people. When I looked to see who she was talking to no one was there. Well at least I couldn’t see them anyway.

Carla mentioned the drama surrounding the estate after my mother’s passing. How my father, who divorced my sick mother for a younger woman after 42 yrs of marriage, felt that he deserved her life insurance money. She said my mother came to the wake and heard the spiteful things that people were saying (my father) and that she threw her hands up in the air like “Really?!”

Carla did not know that I was married or that I believed in reincarnation or that I had looked into past life regressions previously. She asked me if I believed in it and then said one of the things that shocked me more than anything… That my husband and I had met previously in another life. I can’t tell you how many times I have told people that. Most of whom look at me like I am crazy including my husband.

Carla mentioned that my mother comes back every now and again and knows that I am going to be ok because I have an incredible husband who takes care of me. This is 100% true. I have been married for almost 14yrs and I adore him and he adores me. I couldn’t be more happy or secure in my relationship.

Carla then spoke about a co-worker of mine who I should keep an eye on. This I know to be true because he is jealous of my success, but for her to know this without me saying anything was pretty amazing I must say.

Carla spoke about my husband feeling frustrated with his military career and that he was suffering from PTSD. This is also true.

Carla and I then spoke about my daughter who has severe medical issues. Carla mentioned that she was, in a previous life, a teenage boy killed by an injury to his head in a war that occurred in Central America, possibly Nicaragua. This teenage boy then came back immediately after his passing and was told to come to us and that we, my husband and I, would take care of him. Carla indicated that my daughter has a war in her head. This couldn’t have been more true. My daughter not only has hydrocephalus but she also has pseudo tumor cerebri. Both intracranial pressure conditions only one causes pressure inside the brain and one causes pressure outside the brain. Her brain is definitely at war with itself. Carla knew my daughter had shunts and that they were not very helpful since they do tend to malfunction often. She said that when my daughter is older that she will be a candidate for a new experimental procedure that will change her life. We definitely can’t wait for that!

Carla and I talked about how she sees my family moving soon since there was too much negativity in my house. She mentioned that my house was causing me to become sick and she saw it in my abdomen. That is also very true, I have suffered for years with ulcerative colitis and duodenitis. She couldn’t possibly have known that the negativity in my house is because my father lives right next door. I have wanted to move for many years. She sees a move in my future. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Thank you, Carla, for everything! You are absolutely amazing!

Deb Velez
Lake in the Hills, IL

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