Today I had a reading with Carla Baron – absolutely the best, most accurate, read I’ve ever had!


Today I had a reading with Carla Baron – absolutely the best, most accurate, read I’ve ever had!

Found out some things I guess I had not known about myself. Started out with a question about a future job. Carla initially explained to me about myself – I really had no idea this was an issue – but she felt that I was someone who seemed to be ‘beat up’.. ‘run over’.. ‘trashed on’! She thought perhaps I was physically abused. No way was this the case, but Carla said that this could also mean a severe physical imbalance, or illness.

This is so true! It was about 16 years ago – I almost died. Never knew though that it had left me such a mess. I thought I was over this thing, but apparently, I am not. In any case, for me this makes total sense!

As for the job – she said that I had been doing things mainly for others, not for myself. This is 100% true! She says that I am going to get into something that looks like “staging homes” – (something I have never done, except in my own home.)

I also really enjoy cooking for others, Carla said that I would incorporate my cooking into the “staging” work. (This would be of great benefit to sellers when putting their homes on the market.) Carla read that I really wanted to be my own boss again – TRUE.

I asked about a move. She said she saw a move in about 2 years moving north from where I currently live in California. She also said coastal, possibly near the Oregon border. She saw “north of me, forested area … near the coast.”

I asked about a man – Carla is the only person ever, ever, ever to slam dunk this man to a ‘T’!!!

Carla said he was scattered all over the place, that I was basically his “nursemaid” – WAY TRUE! With that said, she sees that I will meet someone new (single) in about 1 1/2 years through my new career. *(Described above)

I am so looking forward to these results! Also – every dime spent here well worth it! I can hardly wait for the next reading!

Thanks Carla!

Fresno, CA

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