Carla knew of my mother’s diagnosis as “cancer” right off without me saying one word!!!


I recently had a reading with Carla Baron. I am still reeling from it to be quite honest. She called within two minutes of the appointment time and apologized for being late! Talk about promptness! Carla’s voice was very soothing; as I was somewhat nervous, her mannerisms were able to provide the calming effect I needed.

She told me to ask the first question I was interested in knowing. My first two questions related to personal relationships. Although I will not divulge the information, Carla was spot on! She completely validated what I had previously known, yet could not let go. It is clear to me what I must do.

My next question regarded my precious mother. Her health is not well. Carla picked up on this immediately, named the diagnosis, & once again validated what I had said from the the very beginning to my father. Carla knew of my mother’s diagnosis as “cancer” right off without me saying one word!!! Ironically though, she felt that my mother would ‘leave us’ do to an existing issue with her heart. Although my mother had originally been given a year to live, Carla said she felt like it would be May or June. This is exactly what I feared and told my father from beginning. I do believe her because of my mother’s frail heart and Carla named this. (Carla did not know of this condition from anything I said so far in the reading – but she got it right!)

The last question I asked involved MY heart – my precious son who is leaving to go to boot camp in January. Carla assured me he is doing what he was born to be doing. He would go overseas. Carla saw an event where he would get lost with perhaps a couple men from his group, but he would find his way back. She said his grandfather, who was a WWII fighter, is watching over him.

Interestingly enough, throughout the reading Carla kept stating it was a “joy” to read for me, or I was a “joy” to talk to. She said this on more than 4 occasions. I told her what a strange choice of words because “Joy” is my middle name & also my mother’s. She remarked she never really uses that particular adjective.

In closing, I found Carla to be the real deal. She is incredibly gifted, sweet, kind, considerate, and very compassionate.

Run to her, don’t walk!

Suzi Kelley

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