“I’ve been to other psychics before who were mediocre at best (and I’m being very nice even saying that much)… but Carla BLEW ME AWAY!”

Tonight I spoke with Carla for 45 minutes and believe me, it was not enough!
I could’ve kept her on the phone for hours! I’ve been to other psychics before who were mediocre at best (and I’m being very nice even saying that much)… but Carla BLEW ME AWAY!

I told her nothing but my name and birthday, and off she went. She knew about my mother’s illnesses and personality as if she knew my mother all her life! She also knew about my father and his fantasies of moving back to the old country and assured me, to my great relief, that it wasn’t going to happen. He just needed something to dream about, like we all do from time to time.

Carla also told me I wouldn’t be moving to London as I’d hoped I would, or at least thought I did. She said deep down it wasn’t really something I wanted, but I would be getting out of this current city where I’m not truly happy by 2017. She said that I will be most likely heading to Montreal or thereabouts.

I asked her about a man I’m involved with and was disappointed to find out that he’ll be dealing with some demons when he comes back from Afghanistan. She said that it’s unclear right now how far the relationship will go, but it doesn’t look like it will head to marriage because he doesn’t seem to have that on his mind. We did, however, agree that things can sometimes change due to “free will.” I will be calling on her again. I have to be honest – as I always am – I was nervous all day waiting for her call because I was expecting that awkwardness you get when you speak with psychics, but we jumped right into conversation like she was a lifelong friend I speak to everyday. My Marissa Tomei “my cousin Vinny” accent amused her, as well, as it does everyone who’s not from Brooklyn.

Carla gave me some sad news about my mother, but she did say it just appeared to be the “first exit window” – a possibility. I’m glad she, at least, gave me the warning, so I can prepare myself as best as anyone can should it happen.

I loved Carla! She’s genuine, sincere, friendly, and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. She mentioned a possible tour she may be doing in the future, and I hope she keeps me posted because I’d love to meet her in person and hug her for the help she gave me tonight and the help she’ll give me again in the future. Don’t waste your time or money on anyone else – if you really want to speak to a psychic and know what’s what, do that with Carla. She’s worth every penny and minute you spend with her.

Laura B
Brooklyn, NY

Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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