“Carla brought to light things I had always felt about my father’s death – she was EXTREMELY spot on about that.”

Today I had a reading from Carla. I had looked at her website several times this week, and last night I decided to go ahead and have a reading done by her. I’d watched her tv show before – “Haunting Evidence,” and was always drawn to her.

Carla was “spot on” about a lot of things!

She pointed out my urinary tract problems – originating from when I was born. (How could she possibly know that?!) She also saw my pH imbalance, and gave me information on how to help me deal with that issue. Carla explained that the cause of these underlying problems is one of the reasons I had miscarried my “Angel Babies.”

Carla saw my ‘guardians’ that are around me, and talked about them.

She also was so right about my brother and how he deals with his life – how he had not accepted what had happened, and has lived in fear. (Also after I had my reading today – I spoke to my niece. Carla was so accurate about my brother feeling like he has “bugs crawling on him!” I actually hadn’t known about that before!)

Carla brought to light things I had always felt about my father’s death, and she was EXTREMELY spot on about that. Carla said he felt that he should never have trusted that ‘person’ from the beginning of the deal! She also said that in my father’s last moments – he felt his ‘hearing’ go. This was due to the chin area in which the gun shot was inflicted – a fact Carla immediately picked up on during the reading.

Carla said that I was the “apple of my father’s eye,” and that was so true – from the moment I was born until the moment he left this world, he took on total responsibility for me.

She mentioned that I have a number of spirits around me, and knew that I can sense them – which is uncanny. I can in so many ways!

I am so very happy I had this reading. Carla validated SO MANY things that I knew to be true. I would have another reading in a heart beat!

Houston, TX

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