Was my father in a ‘good place’ since his passing? Carla picked up on the ‘pop or something popped.’ I knew she visualized the gunshot.


Dear Carla,

First, and foremost, Thank you for being open to actually expressing the details, as I did need to hear them – for better or for worse. I do believe, everything does happen for a reason. I had been wanting to speak with a psychic for quite a while, and the few times I did look into it, it just didn’t pan out. Then, incredibly, you had popped up on my twitter acct (which I don’t look at very often) that you were taking appts. for readings today! My first reaction was quite curious, and I read your other wonderful testimonials.

I pondered for an hour or two, then made the decision that you were the one I should call. So, when I went to the computer to register for the appt., I got an immediate sense of relief. Then, only to turn and look at my clocks displaying the beautiful “1:11.” To me, confirmation again, you are the one I should be speaking with, and my spirit guides will be with me when you do the reading (me mentally preparing myself.)

My first question had to do with this e-commerce business “My Organic Secret Potion” which I’ve been thinking about, planning, and just on the verge of either doing it, or scrapping it. You hit on something wonderful and real. First – “The Law of Attraction.” Yes, I need to get back to my “roots” and I did have a thought that I should market it with the “made with positive energy” theme. You brought me full circle and back on track, to follow what I love about the concept vs. the money aspect – for all of it will come, and for me to trust the universe.

Relief, Thank you.

My second question, a bit of a touchy one, my husband’s health. He is far from a healthy bird, and I’ve had a nagging “knowing” down to my core where his health is heading. My concerns have fallen onto deaf ears (friends and family alike) and I have been carrying this weight of doom. I have been wanting so much for a psychic to tell me either my intuition was incorrect, or to give me the truth and bear that cross… that my fears were right, and I am not crazy. So much so, that for the last few months I’ve been selling things.. in my mind thinking, “Do I want this when I move?” .. and to help fund the e-commerce business (at the same time.) Initially, I thought I would have five more years with him.

A few weeks ago, I felt it was sometime within the next year that “something” will happen. When I spoke with you, you picked up on three separate health issues (two confirmed, and one which I also feel something percolating there.) You not only confirmed what I needed to hear, but also helped me with a much narrower time frame. You also prepared me emotionally – for the love he has for me – to the knowing he will contact me from the Other Side… to enjoy this time I have with him now, to celebrate life, to know we were meant to be married to each other (as much as he drives me nuts.) You have brought me peace of mind (as strange as that sounds) and I will have to go deeper – to seek the strength and focus that I will need over the next few months. Again, I can’t thank you enough, for being so forthright.

My third question (after an unquestionable desire to extend the reading – which I did on the spot) was to know if my father is in a “good place” since his passing. When you picked up on the “pop or something popped”… I knew you were getting the gunshot. Then, you described his personality to a “T” and I can safely say, that VERY FEW people knew him (he would not let anyone in.) Yet you “understood” him, when most others did not in this life, and he is still not hearing it on the Other Side as far as a “life review”… Yeah, not his thing, as it wasn’t here this lifetime either. Amazing that you summarized him so accurately. It was just freeing.

My next question – “What can I do to help myself with my own intuition?” You gave me more than I expected – acknowledging my old soul (which I do feel I am, as in ancient times B.C.) My spirit guide you said was “of the mental realm” – very intriguing. (I do “think” too much! Is that where I get it from?)… and a name – “ma-ree-ay.” In fact, you literally said the name is like “MARIE” for your guide’s name. (Interesting – my middle name is Marie – forgot to tell you, coincidence?)

You saw me doing “automatic writing” – with my dominant hand (something I’ve already tried unsuccessfully using my non-dominant hand.) You said, “It’s the right one.” It is strange – because I write with my right hand (always figuring that was my dominant,) but yet I do almost everything else with my left (I can’t write with it)…peculiar. You saw this!

I will keep trying meditation with music, as you suggested. (Forgot to mention, I just bought a CD a few weeks ago that I’ve been looking for since the late 80’s to meditate to!) Obviously, that’s the one I will use.

Above all, you were compassionate, forthright, and encouraging – even with some very, not-so-pleasant, aspects of my life. You were completely accurate (as I stated before – for better or for worse.) And when that day comes, when I need guidance again, it will undoubtedly be with you!

Thank you again!


Long Island, NY


Friday, February 22, 2013

I just remembered…..When you mentioned the issue with my husband’s lungs, you said it was related to “exhaust” (that’s the EXACT word you used in the reading.) You said it was outside of the smoking issue, or being a trucker for many yrs. I remember my husband had told me that when he was in the Army (in his youth) they used to use the exhaust from the tailpipes of the Army trucks to keep warm in Germany in the winter.


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