Accurately predicted events on a couple relocating, their jobs, selling home, health issues… even timing!


Hi Carla!

I wanted to send you an update from our last reading as well as an update from our read this afternoon.

I had a reading with you back in November. Here is a recap of what you said and the outcome:

You said that you saw me and my husband moving to the northwest, somewhere like Oregon. That my husband would leave first, could be as soon as the end of January and that I would stay behind and take care of everything down in California, that I would follow him up a few months later. You said we would have NO PROBLEM selling our house and that it would go very fast.

A week or 2 after the reading, my husband stumbled upon a job opportunity that had openings in Oregon and Seattle. We decided on Seattle. He had to complete a class to get the job, the class was the first week of January. Once he completed the class he was hired. He left for Seattle the last week of January, just like you said, I did stay behind to sell the house, and like you said it sold very fast. The first day it was listed we had 15 offers. I will be heading up there 3/23, (a few months after he left, just as you predicted!)

You also told me that my work was doing a re-organization and that I should quit. You said there were people who would get let go before me. You said it would be mid-January. That was 100% correct. The 2nd week of January some very good employees were – in fact – let go, and a re-org did take place.

I also asked you if I had MS, as the doctors treating me for the vertigo I have been having while driving and in big box stores like Wal-Mart, grocery stores etc. I had already done an MRI of the brain and was scheduled to have an MRI of the spine. You told me to save my money and invest in a better bed because you did not think I had MS. You also said my neck was in bad shape. I believe you were right. I did not get the MRI and I did get a better bed 🙂

I ended up going for an eye exam a few weeks ago and it was discovered that I have a misalignment in my eyes, where one is slightly higher than the other, causing the “lower” eye to jump in an attempt to align my vision. It also causes neck pain due to leaning my head to the side at times (another way the body tries to compensate for the misalignment in vision.) I was prescribed glasses with a prism in them, to alter the way light is reflected to my eye, sort of tricking my brain into thinking it is aligned and taking the strain off. I was told it could take a few weeks to adjust. After doing some research I found that there is a disorder caused by this misalignment called Vertical Heterophoria Syndrome. It causes dizziness, trouble driving, trouble in big stores with fluorescent light and high ceilings, headaches and neck pain.

Since wearing the glasses for a week, I have noticed an improvement in driving, yet am very anxious still. The grocery store, however, is worse than before, I couldn’t make it more than 20 feet in without going into a tailspin, having to grip onto the conveyor belt at check out so I didn’t drop to the ground.

Hence my desire to speak with you today. I wanted to know if I was on the right track with this, and would these glasses help me. You told me “acclimation” is the word of the day. That it would take me 3-4 weeks for my brain to adjust and you did see me getting better. You told me that in the meantime at the store, I should wear a hat to block light from above and a scarf to cover the sides of my eyes and to keep my head down, and also “don’t freak out!” … to focus on what I am buying, or the things around me.

As soon as we hung up today, I wanted to try it out. I got a hat and scarf and pulled my hair to the sides of my face and headed in the store with my head down. It seemed to work! I did have a few moments of ‘woo-hoo” but as soon as it hit, I stopped and focused on the first thing I saw, a can of pinto beans (haha.) After a few seconds, I seemed to be ok. All I wanted to get was some paper towels. It’s hard to find your way around the store without looking up, but I walked up and down about 5 aisles to test this scarf/hat idea. (I seemed ok.) Then I grabbed my item and checked out. I did not need to lean into the belt for support, and I felt a huge sense of relief.

I know I’m not completely there yet, but just being able to go in the store and grab something without feeling like I was going to die was huge.

As always, I can’t thank you enough!!!


Fontana, CA

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