In the last year, Carla accurately predicted ALL my relationships, even my future husband-to-be!


Well what can I say …

In the last year I have talked to Carla 3 times. She has always reassured me and made me feel like I was talking to a friend who had my best interest at heart.

I talked to her last spring when I was in an abusive relationship. She told me exactly what my ex had been doing to me, all the mental abuse, cheating, head games and hiding money! Amazingly – two years prior – she told me he was starting to exhibit cheating behavior and was going to cheat.

Also during the spring time call, she told me I would leave my ex and meet 3 new guys over the period of time from late summer to winter. She described the gentleman with the tattoos who finally has his life together, I met him, his name is Ken, we are friends. “There will be one in the middle” she also said and that was true too. That’s Tim great guy and a good listener too.

Lastly – Carla said I would get into a more permanent relationship with the third one.

Well – I’m happy to say I have him NOW, but after the last abusive relationship – I was being really hard on my new man. I could tell his feelings were getting hurt by my mistrusting nature. I decided to call Carla once again and she came through for me! I was able to get an appointment within a day! She told me that the new man is “the marriage partner” and that I was to “loosen up on all the rules with him that he is my guardian angel sent to me.” She also said we would be getting married and moving to another area with new jobs.

I’m happy to report we have been planning to marry secretly this year, and are looking to find new jobs somewhere in the warmer climate!!! (She also said that my mother would love him, as well… and she does too!)

Well, I called Carla again yesterday, and she gave me some insight into moving south, finding jobs, and about the time of year we will probably be getting married. I’m really looking forward to standing back and watching it all unfold. I have such hope for the future. It always feels like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after I hang up the phone with Carla! She is awesome.

Mount Holly Springs, PA

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