Bam! Carla came to mind, & I knew instantly that Carla was right!

I called Carla approximately a year ago. My question was in regards to my health, & she told me it was a ‘medication.’  I admit (being an R. N.) – for the 1st time, I was doubtful. Mind you, I am a fan of Carla’s, and loved watching her on tv, yet that “R.N.” was nagging me.

Hmmm… giving it more thought, while taking care of my terminally-ill husband, I decided to change physicians.  (See, Carla did plant a seed.)

Well, the news was ‘hemolytic anemia.’ I was sent to an oncologist/ hematologist. This physician asked how many blood transfusions had I had. I said “lots.”

The doctor looked over my MEDICATIONS, looked at me & asked, “How long have you been taking this med?”  I said, “10 years.” She said, “Get off of it! This is making you appear to have a form of cancer!”

Bam! Carla came to mind, & I knew instantly that Carla was right! So I went off the drug, & had blood work drawn every month for several months – Carla was RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

Thank you so much, Carla! ♡

Cindy Berry-Wood, R.N.
Detroit, MI

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