Past life reading with Psychic Carla Baron reveals karmic thread in this lifetime

It takes a beautiful soul to make another feel awesome.. That is for YOU, Carla! Thank you very much. It was such a lovely chat. And I feel light and so positive! May you be blessed always and continue to spread happiness though your work.

It was a very strong hunch and very tight circumstances that got me to get back in touch with Carla. I had a reading done about 2 years ago, and it was amazing then, as it is now. She just is able to make you feel like she’s known you all of your life.

So I sent my request to get into a past life reading, as I was having a really morbid time – I just could not put my finger on it. Letting go of my love relationship seemed almost impossible. I know it’s over, and somewhere deep inside I’m ok with it – for I’m not appreciated in the right spirit anymore. Then there is a side of me that will fight and push back – and “Oh no, you can’t go away.” Well, it probably scared him out of his mind, and I really don’t blame him. I just seemed to not have any control over my silliness.

The reading began, and what came through – nailed and answered everything! I had no idea ’til just this moment. It absolutely shocked me and totally made my day! I believe in the ’cause and effect’ of Karma, so it was very easy to map it to my situation. And let me just say – the other person is not the only one at fault. Hidden is my true ‘power’ that has so much potential to do so much – evoking it scares me. I see it when I write – it’s just waiting to surface.

What Carla described today was me as a man (in my past life) who could ‘twist’ minds to an extent that they would literally believe what was being said – mind torture at its best. It was ‘war’ time, Carla saw in the reading, and I used it to its maximum. She described where prisoners believed they were “surrounded by serpents and all sorts of vile inhabitants crawling on them.” Jeez, made my hair stand! And Carla went on to describe one particular person I wanted to torture more and more – this just happened to be my love relationship in THIS lifetime that I had just broken off with.

My role in that past life was of an ‘interrogator’ (known for being extremely ruthless in extracting intel) and I used my power to do what I had to. It was a natural thing. Wow! That totally answered why I go ballistic when I am lied to – even when I ask for the truth. Lesson received! Need to get a hold of that and make those subtle improvements. And maybe begin to recognize my power to make a positive difference.

The most important thing is, I recognized behaviors that I could never understand. I am maybe too caring to ensure I don’t hurt anyone, for the most part – to protect my poor ‘ole heart. All shackles up and I won’t hesitate to sting. Yes, yes… Scorpio me!

The reading – all very positive and a fairy tale ending. That is what we all long for and hope for someday. But most importantly, it’s the teachings we receive through such amazing readings that give us that edge to make a change and absolutely rock it!

Thank you, Carla.

You have given me some really valid and thoughtful insights, which I will absolutely treasure! I learned where I can make those ‘tweak’s and ‘fine tune’ them into having a much happier life.

I will surely speak with you again.

Blessings, beautiful earth angel…

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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