Psychic Carla Baron (once again) gives much needed insight into our house hunt, job opportunities

Thank you, Carla, for our chat today. At this point, it really is like talking to an old friend who gives the best advice, with the added bonus of your ‘connection to the universe’ and ability to see into my life plan.

I needed some insight into our house hunt and our job paths. I’m so glad I contacted you because you let me know that there will be a feeling of despair/panic setting in during May and that I just need to sit and be quiet and allow the universe to lead me. You said this was my lesson to learn. I feel great being armed with that knowledge.

You said you saw us having a BBQ on 4th of July in our new home which is awesome. We are hoping to be in our own place by then, so that’s great.

You also put to rest any fears I had about my husband’s job, and I can sleep easy at night knowing all is well.

Until next time.


Maple Valley, WA


P.S.   I copied the text of today’s note from the universe and pasted it into a reminder on my phone that will go off in the middle of May. I think it’s perfect for what you see me going through in that month!

“Learning to disassociate your dream’s manifestation from the illusions that now surround you, to release yourself from the burden of figuring out the “hows,” and to trust what can’t be seen, are the high watermarks of creative enlightenment.
And, Stacey, I must say, you’re disassociating, releasing, and trusting like never before.”

Wow –

The Universe

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