Again I don’t know how many times I have to say it. Carla is SPOT ON about everything when she gets in her zone! Thanks Carla!


Last night I had another reading with Carla. I asked some more questions that had been on my mind for a very long time. Now I’m coming to an ending of things that I wanted to find answers for – things that had bothered me for years.

I asked about the rift between my Mother and my Uncle after my father died. What Carla saw was that there was a ‘love triangle’ – that my Uncle had been smitten by my Mother, and that she’d let a ‘thing’ happen a couple times, but my Mother didn’t feel the same way about my Uncle. The affair meant nothing to her. Carla also stated that my father’s family was not very nice to my Mother. This is totally right ‘on the money.’ Everyone in my father’s family (except a couple) were not nice to my mother – especially one Aunt, who was down right horrible to my Mother.

Carla stated that after my father had passed away, my Uncle came into the house and took all of my father’s belongings. He felt my Mother “had no right” to my father’s belongings – that “she did not deserve anything of his.” Carla said that they had words, that my Mother said some extremely cruel things to my Uncle. They didn’t talk for over 10 years.

I then asked Carla about my sister and why she was so mean to me after my Mother passed away. She said that she wasn’t being mean – that she was just being herself – that she didn’t want to hear what I was saying. It was like she was hearing “Blah blah blah… OK SHUT UP NOW! You’re still talking?” Carla said my sister had a “I’m better then you complex.” Carla also stated she saw that she had a gruff attitude toward people. Carla also saw that my sister had to ‘disrespect’ my Mother by calling her by her given name instead of ‘mother!’ This my sister did to make sure my Mother knew she was disrespecting her.

Also, Carla saw that in her last years she was in a lot of “pain in the kidney area.” THIS is point on! My sister had Parkinson’s-Dementia, and spastic bladder/kidney problems. (She always felt like she had to go ‘potty’… Every 5 minutes she’d asked to be taken to the bathroom.) The nurses said that it was just a behavioral thing. (It wasn’t.)

I asked about my father having an affair when I was little, Carla also saw that! Carla stated that it was just so he could get “serviced”…that he didn’t care about the woman. And Carla also stated that my Mother knew about it, and she was happy – that way she didn’t have to do it! Carla also pointed out that my parents didn’t have a “good relationship”…which is an understatement! My mother was full of resentment and anger while my father was alive. As soon as he passed, she changed! Some people are never meant to be married, and they were such a couple.

Then I asked Carla if the “ugly spirit” in the closet was gone. For now, he’s gone, she said. We’ll have to wait and see. Carla pointed out that I need to stop giving him “fuel” to “stick around.” She said that I have to learn that it was a “life lesson” that I took on – that it wasn’t my fault – and learn to dissolve the “HURT.” Carla said that is what the “Spirit” is living on – MY HURT. She also sensed that another spirit was also in the closet with him – someone that he had also molested as a young boy. Carla said my telling the spirit to go away and sending him to where he needed to go set that spirit free also, and that he was grateful for that. She also talked about the young spirit’s life.

Again, I don’t know how many times I have to say it. Carla is SPOT ON about everything when she gets in her zone!

Thanks Carla!

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