Past Life in 1800’s New Orleans echoes health issues in this lifetime!

Tonight, I had an extremely informative reading with Carla. It was an unexpected one – a spur of the moment kind of thing.

I called for a reading tonight with Carla because it was hot here in Houston today, so my puppy and I were resting on the bed to try and stay cool. At 6:30pm CST it felt like my husband had come home, I heard the door open and close, but it wasn’t him as he is on a business trip out-of-state. My puppy went running to the door because she heard it, too!

Carla read that one of my puppy’s playmates that she talks to on her walks – their owner had passed in the last 24-48 hrs and that they were coming to visit her. She nailed it what the playmate looked like, and that Carla also stated the morning that the owner passed about dawn Dottie felt it, because she knew their scent. Sunday morning at around 6am, my puppy came jumping in on the bed and looked outside. Several times while Carla and I were talking about this, my puppy went running to the door barking, and then came and jumped on the bed and looked out the window and barked. Carla felt that my puppy was sensing the person’s spirit.

When we got done talking about that ordeal, I asked Carla about my husband Earl’s health. I asked if he has cancer, which Carla felt he doesn’t. She did see and state that he’s passed kidney stones – which he has! Carla was spot on about that. She also picked up he is worried about his prostrate/testicle area, which is also spot on. He’s been to a specialist for it. She stated that he needs to take a certain form of calcium to help with this – she told me which brand to get and how much to take. It’s really sad to see my husband worried about this. He’s not said anything about how he’s feeling. (Carla also picked up on this and stated.) Hopefully we can get him back on track.

Well, I had some time left, so I asked about my experiences when I have been to New Orleans. I told her that when I get down close to St. Louis Church, the square, Canal Street, and the water – I get a migraine, sick to my stomach, and the closer I am to the water I get surreal moments. I just wanted to leave.

What Carla saw was that it was from another life time around the 1800’s. I had worked as a “lady of the night” in New Orleans, and Carla sensed I was extremely popular – everyone asked for me. The gentleman who was my “pimp” overworked me terribly, she said – so much so that he didn’t let me sleep or eat much. Back then, there were boats and people coming in from other countries etc. to the area where I felt the worst – down by the water. They traded goods, slaves, etc. there.

And Carla – clear as a bell – got the word “consumption.” She sensed I had died from consumption. (Carla wasn’t sure exactly what consumption was at that moment during the reading, but knew that was the word she had heard. After the reading we both googled “consumption” to see what was what there!) I had contracted it from the “gentlemen” that asked for me, Carla said. Carla saw me “dressed up” – that I had “feathers and things in my hair.” She was so exact at what she was seeing. She just is so amazing.

And right after I hung up with her, it dawned on me, that we had talked about past lives in another reading which also involved “WATER”… I have something in my Karma for Water!

Another wonderful amazing reading from Carla, and unexpected one tonight! But it was meant to be.

Thanks again, Carla.

P.S. Yes, consumption is really nasty. Well – back when I was married to my ex-husband, we had gone to Mexico at Christmas time. We’d stopped in Laredo to take showers about 2 am in the morning, and it was getting cold. I didn’t dry my hair, and just put on a pull over sweatshirt, and got into the cab of the pickup, and going through the mountains near Monterrey Mexico, it was really cold, and I got chilled. I ended up getting sick when I was down in La Piedad Mexico from it. Came back to the states and went to my doctor because I was coughing really bad. I had bronchitis that I couldn’t get rid of. The doctor was scared I had contracted TB, so he kept testing me for a year for it. Took like almost 7 months to get rid of the bronchitis. ( ↯ Past Life connect here ↯ )

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