Past Life in 1800’s New Orleans echoes health issues in this lifetime!

Tonight, I had an extremely informative reading with Carla. It was an unexpected one – a spur of the moment kind of thing.

Well, I had some time left, so I asked about my experiences when I have been to New Orleans. I told her that when I get down close to St. Louis Church, the square, Canal Street, and the water – I get a migraine, sick to my stomach, and the closer I am to the water I get surreal moments. I just wanted to leave.

What Carla saw was that it was from another life time around the 1800’s. I had worked as a “lady of the night” in New Orleans, and Carla sensed I was extremely popular – everyone asked for me. The gentleman who was my “pimp” overworked me terribly, she said – so much so that he didn’t let me sleep or eat much. Back then, there were boats and people coming in from other countries etc. to the area where I felt the worst – down by the water. They traded goods, slaves, etc. there.

And Carla – clear as a bell – got the word “consumption.” She sensed I had died from consumption. (Carla wasn’t sure exactly what consumption was at that moment during the reading, but knew that was the word she had heard. After the reading we both googled “consumption” to see what was what there!) I had contracted it from the “gentlemen” that asked for me, Carla said. Carla saw me “dressed up” – that I had “feathers and things in my hair.” She was so exact at what she was seeing. She just is so amazing.

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