Psychic Truth: If the information gleaned intuitively is VALID within the universal database, then others who are progressed will see it, as well.

I had a reading with Carla on June 2, and haven’t stopped thinking about it and wanted to share my reading.

I asked Carla about my relationship with my boyfriend. My burning question is: Will he marry me? Carla was able to clarify any doubt in my mind. She reiterated there is definitely love in the relationship. She picked up on that he went through a bitter divorce and has never gotten over it. But, getting back to my question, she said, yes there is a marriage agreement in the future around March 2015. She went on to describe how he looks at me as I’m very “Angelic” and that he’s never been with anyone like me. Sometimes, he doesn’t know what to do with me, and he runs away. But yet when he returns, it always feels as if we’ve never been apart. Carla said it’s because I’m always there for him and he knows it.

We then moved onto my professional life. I work for a prominent law firm. Carla was able to tell me how well their financials and clients have been throughout this economy. The firm has made money. She then paused and said, “Well they are going to suffer a setback.” She continued. “A partner is going to have a heart attack/stroke. He is a major source of income for the firm because he holds a large client base. The client will then lose trust in the firm and may take their business elsewhere. The firm will then suffer for a little bit, trying to figure out how to pay employee salaries, etc.”

I got very quiet, and had goose bumps on my arms for about 10 mins. I couldn’t believe I was hearing this again. (Yes, again.) I had a reading with another psychic/medium about 3 years ago and he said the same thing. He didn’t go into as many details, but he said it would be the managing partner, he would have a heart attack/stroke due to stress, and the firm would suffer financially.

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