Her reading focused on 2 dreams she had. She has intuitively chosen to relocate to San Francisco as a direct result of this psychic session!

Hey Carla!

Our reading tonight focused on two dreams I had. In the first one, you told me that I am afraid the Universe will forget me, that I am scared what I want in life will not materialize – that I will be stuck in this life I do not want. THAT IS 100% ACCURATE!!! I HAVE THAT FEELING ALL THE TIME – TO THE POINT OF IT TERRIFYING ME… YOU WERE DEAD ON!!!

The second dream you informed me that there is a metaphor for what is going on in my head in terms of leaving my current situation, and again being afraid that I will be forgotten if I choose to plant roots somewhere else. Again totally CORRECT!! This is why I have been floundering for the last year and a half.

You suggested that I take all the places we talked about in our reading that you saw and put them on little slips of paper, stick them in a bowl and light a candle. Then you suggested I pick one without looking, like picking a name out of a hat.
(Choices were San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, & Providence.)

I have done just that, and I am delighted to say that the place I have picked is
“San Francisco.”

You also informed me that you saw “fog,” which helped narrow out my search. Was really fun actually, the ‘not’ knowing and letting the Universe do the deciding.

Thanks Again!


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