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Another great session with Carla!

I had first spoken with Carla five months ago. I hadn’t mentioned it, but she picked up that I had spoken with her before right away. I had the 15-minute session. I really wanted to clear my head of a few things, but in all honesty, I could spend countless hours talking with Carla if I could!

My first inquiry had to do with my grandma…she’s been ill for quite a while. Carla told me that she has already started her “crossing over” and gave me a month when she felt her time will come. What I didn’t tell Carla was how ill and for how long this has been with my grandma. (She has Lymphoma, 2nd time around in six years, and the chemo didn’t help at all.) To add on to her illness, last month she broke her shoulder and has been in and out of hospitals and rehab. It’s a slow sentence, but I am relieved it won’t be much longer to the end of her suffering. I sigh with relief.

I had also asked Carla about my grandmother’s relationship with her father when she was a child. My grandma has this uncanny hatred for women (in general) and men…she’ll love them or hate them. I had an uneasy feeling she was molested as a child by her father (for many reasons), but have been too afraid to ask my grandma. Carla reassured me that she wasn’t sexually abused when she was young. Carla picked up psychically that my Great Grandpa was a very stern man and was very hard and used punishment…and that my grandma feared him. (From what I have been told, he was JUST THAT, plus a man who did not trust his own wife.)

My second inquiry had to do with my husband. I told Carla that he has a lot on his plate right now. The first thing she said was that there was A LOT of MONEY involved…a LOSS. Carla picked up that all this started in the month of “May.”

Carla was RIGHT ON THE MONEY! (Pun intended….lol) She said that he didn’t know who he was getting involved with, that he didn’t have the facts… he’s angry, he’s not taking responsibility that he’s partly to blame, he wants to kill somebody, take revenge, he’s naive, he doesn’t trust. (In fact, that is his motto – “Trust No One.”) She described him to a “T.”

What I didn’t tell Carla was that last May – the very month she said all this started with him – the company he worked for (which he thought he would be at for years to come) was sold to another company (surprised everyone.) This is the same company my husband had worked for previously for 12 years. He certainly had no intention of working for them again.

That month, still in May, he was literally driving to his “new” job that he was going to start when an individual vendor called my husband to recruit him. They offered him a GREAT compensation package, perks, work your own hours, work from home – too good to be true? He took the leap of faith and took the vendor’s job offer. P.S. – after working for the vendor for a month, the vendor let him go. The vendor said that what he learned from my husband in a few weeks would have taken a consultant months! What Carla described as far as how my husband feels about this is EXACTLY TRUE – literally – EVERY SINGLE WORD.

I asked Carla about my husband – knowing all this, how or will this manifest itself physically? (Mind you, I did not tell Carla anything about his health.) The first thing she said…”His heart muscle, there’s a block, it’s going to burst. He needs to walk away, he needs to stop, too much anger, there’s a life lesson here.” Carla also gave me a particular month when his possible date with destiny may take place.

After Carla had said this, I did tell her that he already had stents in the heart and his doctors already told him that he is a ‘ticking time bomb’ if he doesn’t change his lifestyle (not to mention the smoking issue.) Also, what I didn’t tell Carla was that in her last reading (in Feb) she had picked up on the heart issue and did say that he will have another BIG cardiac event – that she felt “hot” (literally hot.) Carla’s time frame has not wavered – only time will tell what will come of this.

Carla graciously let me squeeze in one more quick question – Where should I focus my energy? (Personally, I feel like I am all over the place and need to be focused, but I am having a really difficult time these last few months, even longer.) Her answer shocked me. (Yes, more than the other stuff – because I didn’t expect it.) Carla told me, “You NEED to get outside 3-4 times a week, you need to be with nature, it grounds you. You need to be in a happy space – you’re going to need it. Walking inside isn’t going to do it, you need to be outside.”

The reason I was floored was because that morning (after an hour on my treadmill) – I had this NEED to walk to my garden BAREFOOT. I NEVER walk outside barefoot (between the wet grass, doggie landmines, bees….) but in my head I KNEW I needed to connect with the Earth (literally) as in an ion exchange of sorts (if that makes sense.) What I didn’t tell Carla was that my husband had cut down 90% of the trees on our 1/2 acre five years ago and I still mourn them!

Thank you Carla, again… till next time.

Long Island, NY

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