Psychic reading reveals: Stay focused on your passion. Do not deviate from that path. Ignore the distractions tempting you to ‘split’ yourself.


I have long respected Carla’s work and noticed she had an opening before the holiday weekend. I have wanted to get a reading from Carla for forever, and couldn’t wait to get something scheduled! She immediately put me at ease asking if I had any questions. I didn’t make the appointment with a list of detailed questions prepared, was just spur of the moment. Instead I focused on personal areas and general life events.

Without telling her specifics, Carla was able to immediately pinpoint certain situations and behaviors that have been holding me back. I feel like being read by Carla, was like truly being in the hands of a caring professional. She even went over our 30 minute time limit and wrapped things up naturally without immediately cutting me off like some others do. I wrote down the exciting details and will tuck them away.

I’ve struggled to accept certain truths about myself and my abilities along the way. Carla’s validations were spot on and gave me the strength to keep moving forward in some of these more challenging areas. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day, a month, a week or a year, following and sharing my passion is going to be where my success lies. I plan on purchasing another 30 minutes in a month or so to check in and make sure everything’s on track. Every penny was so worth it!

Thank you so much for a wonderful start to my sweet holiday weekend. Carla, you rock!

Shelly Hiddleson
Pasadena, CA

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