Carla was right on. Never did I ever think these things would come to pass, but they did!


Carla did a reading for me about 8 years ago. I was very unhappy and stressed about my job and my ugly boss.

She told me that my company would split and be downsized, but I would go with the split and I would be ok. (What I didn’t tell her is that I worked for the government and my Agency and Agencies such as mine are in every local government and would never be abolished!)

She also told me that the boss I worked for was not a good man and that he would come to work one day and would be walked out and never come back. She said there was a woman behind it, something work related. (I thought to myself, never will this guy leave, I’m just stuck with him. He’s got too much pull.)

Not long after my reading with Carla, there was a shake-up in local government. The Agency I worked in was abolished. Some departments were sent to report to other areas of local government and a smaller department was developed with a different name and fewer areas of responsibilities. I was assigned to that department. The boss, however, came with me (ugh)… Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this Agency would be abolished.

There had been a long standing legal issue with an employee (a woman.) I never really knew all the ins & outs of that, but I knew the boss was involved somehow. Anyway, low and behold not long after the split – he comes in to work one day and says it is his last day and he is gone. I thought, Oh my god, just what Carla said! I couldn’t believe it.

Then they deleted his position and I went crazy because my position was tied to his code and I thought that my job was on the line. Word of my fear got to the head powers-that-be of local government. I got a call from them and they told me not to worry, that I was being taken care of. While this new department didn’t have the higher code I was in since the deletion of my boss, I was told that I would keep my salary and nothing would be taken from me in the position I was placed in in the new department. I kept my salary with all raises until the day I retired about 3 years later. Yes, I was ok!

Carla was right on. Never did I ever think these things would come to pass, but they did!

The only one thing that hasn’t happened yet is this great relationship I’m going to have. With the new reading I had this evening with Carla, I know it’s on its way!!

San Jose, CA

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