A “past life” wedding will happen once again in THIS lifetime!


I wasn’t sure how a phone reading would go, but Carla has a way to make you feel at ease and we connected immediately. She lets you lead the conversation and tells you what she sees. Carla picked up on my spirit guide who is a Native American. She said that he has even saved my life a couple times by “moving me” with his hands. One time in particular that sticks out is when I was playing softball. I was running to 3rd base and I heard and felt the ball whip by my head. I remember feeling that the ball should have hit my head. I couldn’t shake the feeling that if I was even a second slower, I would not be here to speak of it now. I even drew a picture of my spirit guide when I was in high school without realizing who he was. Carla said that I get myself worked up with worry over things I cannot control – which is true – and that rhythmic drums can soothe me. Now it all makes sense. Here is a picture of my spirit guide which I drew before I knew what a spirit guide was.

For years, I have been feeling that I am not married to the right person. Carla confirmed this and feels that I keep trying to “make a fire where there is no spark.” Five years ago, I met someone with whom I had an immediate connection. We are both married – so we did the right thing and cut ties.

We spoke again for the first time 2 weeks ago after 4 years of no contact. It was as if no time was lost. Our feelings were stronger than ever, and we both have this overwhelming feeling that we are meant to be together. Carla picked up on how he struggles everyday with his “moral compass” because of his strict upbringing in the Catholic Church. He and I have spoken about this before.

Carla asked if I believe in past lives, which I do. She told me that he and I were married in a prior life. Our time together was cut short when he was killed soon after our wedding in the battle at Gettysburg. I could not understand how we have such a connection, but now it all makes sense. Carla stated that this man and I will marry again – she sees the first “window” as August 2014 for engagement, October of next year as the ceremony. Carla also sees that we have an “outdoor wedding,” which is where we both love to be. I look forward to telling her about our “past life” wedding someday in the future.

I have this overwhelming feeling of peace since the reading, and look forward to speaking to Carla again soon.

Charlotte, NC

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