Moments after her reading on a new job … she found a place that was LITERALLY as described in the psychic reading – fireplace & everything! (Coincidence, or FATE, at hand?)


Hi Carla,

I wanted to send over a recap of our reading. So last night I was really stressing over my career path and our finances. I have been trying to find a job for several months since we moved to WA, with no luck at all. I thought it was strange because my resume and experience is great. I kept thinking to myself, maybe I’m not supposed to get a job, because I surely would have by now.

Back to last night, I decided I needed your guidance. A few minutes later I looked at my horoscope and it said that today I would be talking with a Scorpio who had a message for me. I knew at that point I HAD to talk to you, my favorite Scorpio! 🙂

When I expressed my concerns over money and career you said you saw my husband and I starting a business. That we would get a small business loan and it would be up and running in no time. That it would be a “small town” kind of place. We do live in a small but growing city. You said it was set up as a dual shop with camping type products or gear in one section and a restaurant/coffee shop in the other. You said there was a fireplace that people would sit around drinking coffee. You said it sounded crazy but that what’s you kept seeing.

Well, I am an avid baker and have been told for years that I needed to open a bakery or coffee shop. My husband used to manage a sporting goods store. You did not know either of these things as we had never discussed them.

You said that you kept seeing the fireplace. Well after we talked, I went online looking for any retail locations for sale. Only one came up in my little town. It was a coffee shop up the street. I looked through the photos, and lo and behold, there is a FIREPLACE inside.

I am taking our conversation very seriously, and I will be going next week to talk to someone about what it will take to make this happen.

I will keep you posted!

Maple Valley, WA

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