Past life connections, health issues, marriage concerns, bringing in a deceased mother who ‘crossed over’ suddenly. The psychic sessions can take all manner of twists & turns to get to the truth!


Hi Carla,

Thank you beyond words for the reading today!

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am smiling from ear to ear and it’s because of my reading with Carla Baron.

I had been following Carla on twitter for some time. Actually, I had been following a lot of psychic/mediums, but Carla’s talent and professionalism stood out from the rest. Plus, she has an affinity for witches and Halloween, so I knew we would get along just fine. 😉

She exceeded my expectations as we covered a lot of subject areas and she answered all my questions and then some!

Carla nailed my health questions. She uncannily picked up on my issue of unbalanced hormones and some other concerns. She also told me to watch my salt intake and I wasn’t aware that I was taking in too much salt. She relieved my anxiety about an upcoming check-up and that was very significant for me.

We covered my relationship with my husband. I was totally enlightened about my husband and I – our ‘past life’ together. Carla said that we were business partners in the 1900’s prior to our current life. Our business together in the past life went bankrupt. What’s funny is, we went bankrupt in our current life early in our marriage, years ago. I’m glad to say that we are now very responsible with our money and I think we have learned our lesson. 🙂

Carla warmed my heart and comforted my soul by giving me insight into my Mom’s sudden passing. She described my Mom perfectly and explained that Mom was not wanting to be in any ill condition and it was either let me live vivaciously or no deal and that she went to the other side on her own terms. Carla also said that Mom was encouraging me to move forward in my life and I needed that. Thanks Mom!

Carla is like talking to a wise confidant, but relaxing like a girlfriend too. 🙂 I can’t believe how much better I feel and I will remember this my entire lifetime. I am so happy that I forged ahead and consulted Carla.

I am confident and enthusiastic about recommending anyone to Carla that would like a trustworthy reading. My Dad is already making a list of questions for Carla and hoping to book her in a few months. 🙂

Thanks Carla for sorting out some of my life’s mysteries and I hope you know what a difference you make!

Many blessings to you!!!!

St. Clairsville, Ohio

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