Psychic Carla Baron revealed past lives for me, my daughter, that reflected EXACT circumstances we are experiencing in THIS lifetime…AMAZING!


I also join the crowd in wishing I had booked more time with Carla. She is a very easy person to speak with. She is straight and to the point without lingering or going off on tangents which I found refreshing.

I had many questions that dealt with the outcome of current situations.

I asked about my daughter’s health. My daughter is a high functioning autistic. Carla’s reading: “Your daughter was deprived of oxygen during her birth. She uses drawing/crafting as an go-to outlet… to help express herself. Your daughter is very psychic and artistic and these should be encouraged in her.”

I mentioned to Carla that currently a brain tumor is being investigated due to early onset puberty. Carla put my mind at ease and said “It’s not a tumor. Growth hormones are triggered, but it isn’t something that you are going to have to worry about.” This is something that I have lost a lot of sleep over. It is an ongoing investigation with tests for my little girl, but Carla gave me some peace of mind to continue forward with little worry. Thank you.

Carla asked me if I believed in past lives (and I do.) She told me about my autistic daughter’s past life. Wow! She stated that my daughter died a tragic death from a fall. She stated that autism buffers the memory. Carla said that my daughter was imprisoned in an arranged marriage to an older man and leaped to her death. One of my daughter’s “hang-ups” is of heights. (I found that very interesting.)

Carla stated she saw my daughter having a career in working with plants and soil. My daughter has an affinity for nature. (Carla did not know this from me.) Currently – we have ladybugs and slugs in containers in her room (OH joy!) If you ask my daughter what she wants to be when she grows up, she will tell you – an entomologist. (I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.)

I ventured on and spoke to Carla about my health. Being a nurse I have been very health-conscious. My symptoms weren’t making sense, but I have always wondered if I needed to be on a low-acid diet. Many nights researching… Carla unaware of this. Carla’s opening reading on my health was – “You have an Acid Imbalance. Too much lactic acid causing auto-immune issues.” I was stunned because she pulled this from the stars. It gave me a relief and a sense of direction. In addition, Carla gave me information on how to correct my acid/base imbalance with certain supplements. Very informative and helpful.

Since Carla volunteered that past life reading on my daughter, my curiosity was peaked, so I tossed my other questions aside and asked about MY past lives.

My background is of a person that is very black/white on issues. I am a nurse that longs to be in forensics. I am a person that prefers isolation due to feeling much toxicity from others. I do not trust easily.

Carla’s reading on my past life: “I was a thin, frail man from early 1800’s around 1825 that worked in the prison administration… perhaps a judge… for housing criminals. I had to have a very thick skin because there was much hatred towards me. This hardened me. I led a very isolated life because of this. The area I lived in was very damp and raining much of the time. I became ill with pneumonia, which, in turn, caused my final demise.”

After thinking about your reading, it occurred to me that I was hospitalized as a child for pneumonia ~ And you said I died from pneumonia previously…. hmmm residual from a past life?! Interesting.

Ugh – and then my time was up… NO!!!

Carla is like opening a really good book. You want and need more. It was an unexpected and interesting journey she took me on and I didn’t want to get off the ride.

I can’t wait to see how many things unfold. This was simply part of my 30-min. reading. Again, I am kicking myself for not making it longer.

I look forward to another reading with her in the future. Thank you for sharing your gift, Carla. Good luck with the Discovery Channel!

Happy Full Moon.

Peace & Love …

Erie, Pa


*Received Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:51am PDT

“Oddly another situation occurred just yesterday at dinner with my autistic daughter. We were talking about going to the Zoo Boo (zoo decorated for Halloween.) This zoo has a train that goes over a trestle. My daughter told me that she didn’t want to go to Zoo Boo because she was afraid of the train. I asked her why, thinking she was going to comment about how dark the tunnel was. She stated because she is “afraid of heights!” And the train that goes over the trestle has a significant drop. I got goosebumps because you had stated yesterday that she had fallen to her death in a previous life and in THIS life is afraid of heights due to this previous life experience. Wow! Unbelievable. I just shake my head. Amazing!

xo Laura”


*Received Tue Oct 22 12:38pm PDT 2013

“I just wanted to let you know that I have another confirmation for you. We received word from Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh that my daughter does NOT have a brain tumor but simply a glitch in her hypothalamus gland causing her hormones to be turned on. EXACTLY as you had stated days earlier! She will need to have an arm implant that infusing medication continuously to slow the growth hormone. I am so happy it was not the alternative. Again, you are a blessing. You were exactly right.

Thank you for relieving my worry that day…and today’s news confirms that YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL.

Love, Laura”

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