Psychic Carla Baron got very accurate details surrounding my family – she even picked up on a unique crafting skill my brother has! She saw this skill stemming from a previous lifetime of his. So right on she was – I had shivers up & down my spine!

Today I had another wonderful reading with Carla. It all begin today because my brother had called me all upset about some events that happened yesterday.

I asked Carla about my nephew (my brother’s son and his half-brother.) It’s a long story, but my nephew, his step brother, and my ex-sister-in-law are all living in the same household. Yesterday, the two boys got into a bad fight.


My question was if the half-brother would do bodily harm to my nephew, as they do NOT get along at all. Carla saw that “…it all started over money, a long time ago!” Well – the problems between the two have been going on a very, very long time. Carla also stated that they might fight with each other and have words, but no life-threatening harm will come to my nephew. She said that “..actually, those two are scared of each other.” Then I asked Carla why my ex-sister-in-law favors the step-brother over my nephew.

She said that my nephew tells her what she wants to hear – that he’s a “silver-tongued liar.” (This is true.) Hopefully they can last one more month.

Also Carla picked up about my ex-sister-in-law… that she’s “stuck” or “locked in” that house! Carla is so correct about that. She had a stroke at the end of June, and has limited-to-no use of her right arm and leg, and is in a wheelchair. She is literally STUCK in that house – without the help of others. Carla was so on about that!

Then I asked Carla about my brother. Last week, he was having dreams and was hearing voices in his dreams – calling his name. He had gotten a phone call and a lady’s voice said, “Bye.” My brother called the phone number back, and it was a non-working number.

Carla said that the “voices” are actually his spirit guides – trying to inspire my brother to do a different kind of work – one that he truly has a passion for. Carla said that his “creative side is fading away.” She saw him “making things with his hands” …then all of a sudden she got that it was “wood carving!” Carla indicated that this “working with wood” had stemmed from one of his past lifetimes – something he had brought with him to this life.

Well – that SO put shivers up & down my spine! My brother used to be really good with his hands. When he was a senior in high school, he made a picnic table for my parents – not a wimpy one, but a strong sturdy one. It’s still around. And he was able to do other creative things.

Now, for me – that is one thing Carla so picked up on that she had NO NO NO idea about – which specific type of ‘crafting’ my brother used to do. I think he got this talent from my father. My father was able to grow any type of flowers in his garden.. he did iron-metal work, such as crafting horseshoes, etc.

Again – I am so blessed to have found Carla. She’s helped me in so many ways. From her help now I’ve lost 30 lbs since June! Just by getting rid of the ‘burdens’ – this is how she’s helped me through.

People – she is so nice, and talks to you as if she’s known you your whole life.

I will certainly have another reading with her!

Houston, TX

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