If you’re reading this testimonial, you either have booked and want insight into Carla’s readings or you’re on the fence about booking. Should you be on the fence, I’m telling you to book. I left thinking .. Man, I wish I had more time with her!


Feelings of uncertainty and my life being somewhat in a transitional phase were the main reasons I reached out to Carla. I have spoken to psychics before; however, last night’s reading was the most memorable. With me being deployed to Southern Afghanistan, we had connectivity issues initially which caused a late start. Once beyond that, I was instructed to take a deep breath and relax.

My first question was in regards to my impending divorce. The only information she requested was his first name and the month and day of his birth. I heard her touching the cards and then she sighed loudly. “Whew, this was a bad relationship. Yep, he’s a liar, consumed with money and not really into commitment.” I sat there silently in disbelief. How could she know these things? “He’s cheated on you several times and was never really in your marriage. When he met you, he saw a meal ticket and opportunity.” Although I’d been told pretty much the same thing from friends, family and other psychics, no one had been quite as blunt. Yet, that’s exactly how I needed to hear it. Knowing that our marriage was a sham from the beginning allowed me to wake up today with a new purpose. One that was focused on healing and the future rather than making sense of our troubled past. She also mentioned that he’d be coming to me for a personal loan. Carla exclaimed, “Know that you will never see this money again!” Needless to say, the Bank of Frederick Savings & Loan is CLOSED.

I then asked about future relationships and Carla said, “No, the next thing for you is your career.” She went on to tell me that January would be a huge month for me. I would be the boss, operating on a larger scale with more money (possibly double my current salary) and responsibilities. I’m very loyal to my current chain of command and she also picked up on that mentioning that I’d be hesitant to leave because of my alliances but it was the right thing to do. I felt compelled to draft this testimonial so quickly after last night’s reading because this morning I woke up and had an email requesting a phone interview. Could this be the opportunity Carla was speaking of? I’ll definitely let you know.

Also on the subject of career paths, we spoke about my boss. My boss, my boss, my boss. I’ll just say that I used to think I could work for anyone until I met this gentleman. Before I could ask about him, Carla asked, “And this guy you work for…he’s horrible. He has no loyalty and will slice and dice anyone without hesitation.” She hit that nail on the head. Carla explained that everyone preferred to do business with me and that I should begin to grab the reigns. Taking a more firm and proactive stance at work would set the stage for future successes.

Careers are important but I still wanted to know about my next relationship. (lol)

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