Psychic Carla Baron sees amazing detail into health issues, father with cancer, new love prediction… even past life death eerily relating to client’s current lifetime!


I cannot thank you enough, Carla. I feel much has lifted when you saw that my health is relatively ok. I was so worried about my health. I have had other readings from other psychic mediums by email, & still they don’t make sense one year later. But your reading, Carla – it blew me away! How much you knew about me without me saying a word!

Thank you for having time & patience for me with my skype & internet problems. When the reading first started, I didn’t know where to start. But you made it all easy for me. I was so nervous. And what I loved is that you didn’t “sugarcoat” things. There was no time wasted on unnecessary “chitchat.”

And you blew me away with people I needed to know about! All you asked me was the first name, day & month they were born, & you started telling me about them like you knew them! Everything you said was very true!!

I had to have a 60-minute reading because when I read your testimonials, people said they wished they had a longer reading. I’m glad I did! I could have talked for hours. You have helped me find myself. I have been lost for a long time. You were right about the “nervous breakdown” – I have been really feeling a lot of anxiety.

And what you told me about my ex – thank you. That has helped me get over him & finally move on/ It’s nice to know I am going to meet someone next summer –
“THE GINGERBREAD MAN” we call him! (lol) It’s nice to know that he has his own money, too. With my ex, I always paid for everything the past 9 years.

You have given me hope for the future that I’m not going to grow old alone. My life does not feel like it’s a “dead end” anymore. I feel like I can breathe again. It feels like you have shown me a way out of this mess I’m in. You told me where I’m going wrong – that I’m trying to “think” my way out, & that is making it worse. I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself. I still feel very worried about my dad – you are right about the cancer. It’s going to be heartbreaking when he passes, but it’s something I & my family have to deal with. I am just trying not to think about it too much.

And my past life makes perfect sense! You saw me living this past life somewhere near ancient Egypt – “working in the mines as a male slave.” You felt these were “salt” mines. You said that my “legs were crushed,” & that’s how I died. Oddly enough, I had a lot of nightmares as a child where I’m getting “crushed by something.” I can’t sleep next to a wall – even now – because I get a feeling that I can’t breathe – like I’m being “suffocated, crushed, trapped.”

I will update you on my reading later on. Carla, you are beautiful inside & out. You have saved my life. I had no hope. I do feel happier. It’s just a shame that my dad is going to pass away with cancer – he is, like you said, in a lot of pain.

I hope all this makes sense to you. Thank you for helping me feel like me again. The reading helps me do that, & without you, my life would have carried on being in some dark hole. I love you to bits, & I will be having anther reading in the near future.

If anyone is thinking about having a reading – go to Carla! No long “waiting list” & she is spot on with everything! She totally blew me away. She is the real deal – WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Lots of love,

Rotherham, South Yorkshire

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