“Carla told me that I would be owning my own business as soon as May of next year. My own business… my very OWN business. (*And the crowd goes wild*) I did not tell Carla that I wanted to own my own business, so I was excited when she mentioned it.”



I didn’t know how I was going to start this, so I’ll just go. I had my very first reading and it won’t be the last with Carla today. I have been on unemployment for the past nine months and counting and I was wondering when I would return back to the workforce. She told me that I would find a part time job working in the medical field in February/March of next year. Something to do with typing or billing. I wish the universe would find me something sooner, but I’ll take what I can get. I had spoken to another psychic before and she told me the exact same thing – well, the medical part. To be honest, I had my heart set on a government job because I always equated ‘government’ with a secure job. But now that I think about it, I have worked at a few gov’t agencies as a contractor, and maybe I should look somewhere else.

She told me that I would be owning my own business as soon as May of next year. My own business… my very OWN business. (*And the crowd goes wild*) I did not tell Carla that I wanted to own my own business, so I was excited when she mentioned it. For the past eight years I’ve thought about and really wanted to own my own business. She saw me having a small business, something like a “coffee shop.” Well didn’t really think of my business geared towards something like that, but she said I would be successful at it. And she also saw something about having artists hanging their paintings up in my lovely store. I didn’t mention this to Carla, but I used to paint and sketch when I was younger, so I might just throw some of my own stuff in the mix. (Maybe… yeah, probably not.)

I’ve always told myself that I wanted to be more successful than my parents because since I am such an awesome daughter. I want to show my appreciation to them. Like a vacation to Hawaii or something like that. I mean they can afford it now, but to have true success is just so awesome! I know that they would be proud. I’m just excited saying it! I asked if I would win the lottery and she said I would but like $500 (and that’s after I’ve bought like a lot of tickets….so….I guess I won’t be getting that $500.)

I enrolled in school this month and Carla picked up on that. She told me that she didn’t see me getting a certificate/degree – which kind of made sense. Yeah, this will be the fifth college that I will be attending. I don’t know – maybe I’m not really college material because I just can’t finish school. I know it’s sad, but just being honest.

I also asked about when my sister (twin) and I would find love. I’m the first born (a fact Carla picked up without me saying a word!) – but I am always wondering about my sister. Just want to see her happy. For my sister – she said in the summertime of next year, June/July. I wish I would have asked what he looked like, but I guess I will have to ask at another time. This guy will be her true love. She might have some reservation or trust issue going on, but I’ll try to help her get over that. I can tell her to suck it up and just go for it! I think she’s been hurt in past relationships but this new guy will be her match.

For me – the person I will meet will be at my business. Carla told me that he dresses really well and she felt he maybe works in the legal/lawyer type field. Maybe it’s me who has the trust issues, because Carla told me that he’s going to be coming into my store – a lot – just to see me. She also told me that I will keep thinking something negative about myself and really questioning why someone like him would possibly be interested in me.

It’s true, I’ve had issues with certain aspects of my physical self. In the past, I did open up to a guy (ex-coworker) who I went out with and told him something, wish I didn’t, and I think he told someone else and after that I just felt the need to shelter myself. Eventually I’m going to have to drop down my guard, just go slow, and let someone in. I am really looking forward to meeting this guy though!

What she told me next was that I had something with my mom – like when I was 4,5, or 6 years old something happened to “make me doubt myself,” but I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that. It involved my self-image… it’s a really deep-seated issue, buried issue. To be honest, I don’t really have any bad memories about my mom, and I’m not quite sure if I would want to find out. When I get to that point to figure it out – I will definitely try.

Wow this is long. I asked when my sister and I would be moving. She said in the month of July is when we would be moving. Which is freaking awesome because our lease will be up by the end of July. What’s really awesome is that the location where we’re going to move to will be within “walking distance” to my new business. I asked if we would be able to move to another apartment, because I didn’t tell Carla this – but the people who live above us are freaking pissing me off! If we do move, then Carla said it would most likely push back my chance of starting a business sooner.. possibly by a whole other year. (My guides told her that.) So I will suck it up, and pray like really really hard to GOD that things will change faster.

Before I forget, Carla told me that I may have some type of “parasite” in my intestines. I was a little shocked by that. I told her that I had MS, but she told me she sees that I might not really have full-blown MS – that what I may have might resemble something involving aluminum toxicity. Reading the article Carla found for me following the reading on this very topic just blew my mind! (Especially since I was ALSO prescribed RRMS by my doctors.) Wow, and I see that the comments there were left 7 years ago! Thank you, Carla, for sending that to me. I will have to find myself an alternative doctor. Funny thing is – I was interested in finding a natural way to deal with my diagnosis.

I am so happy that I spoke with you today because I got so much information and then some. I’m going to share this with my family. Thank you so much again. Well, I’m going to do a lot of research about this. If there is something else I can do – naturally and without a lot of needles – I am more than willing to go for it!

But all in all…simply amazing reading. I cannot say thank you enough!

Camp Springs, Maryland

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