I started out talking about the loss of my cousin. I feel that he is my guardian angel. He died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The family never knew for certain if it was a suicide or a homicide.

I have dealt with a couple hard losses in my life in which I have never had closure. I have always believed in psychic abilities, and am so thankful that they use that amazing gift to help others in need. Today, I had the privilege to talk to Ms. Carla Baron.

I started out talking about the loss of my cousin. I lost him when I was a young child. I have always felt a close connection to him, as he was my father’s best friend. I feel that he is my guardian angel. He died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The family never knew for certain if it was a suicide or a homicide.

Carla mentioned to me to investigate his “Rh factor,” that perhaps it has something chemically to do with a tendency for depression or suicide within my family as there have been multiple suicides we have witnessed over the years. Most people wouldn’t immediately know what Rh factor meant, but I am a Medical Technologist. (I never revealed what I do to Carla until AFTER she mentioned about the Rh factor!) Rh factor is something that is a huge part of my life and I do blood types and cross-matches for people daily. Carla said she felt the need to say that to me, and I’m so glad that she did.

Everything that she mentioned about my cousin was true. He was depressed and anxious all of his life. He had money issues and was devastated over the loss of his girlfriend, the person that kept him strong. These two things were the biggest stressors in his life, and Carla picked up on them immediately without me saying a word.

He played “Russian-Roulette,” and that’s how his life ended. I had always thought that his death was either a homicide, or by Russian-Roulette. Carla confirmed my thoughts by saying that he left his death up to chance by playing Russian-Roulette when I asked her for more about this.

I am so glad that I talked to Carla. I finally have some closure and my heart can begin to heal. I just remembered an important piece of information – when I was a child, my family tried to shelter me from Joe’s death by saying that he was cleaning his gun and forgot to take one of the bullets out! That would make perfect sense for the Russian Roulette.

My cousin contacts me in my dreams. I believe that when a loved one that has passed contacts you in your dreams, it is really them. Especially when they leave a message like this one my cousin left for me. “Is it power that keeps me from living? Forgive a person for their misadventures. I did it, and in the end, it is!” He also contacted me to tell me not to make a rushed decision on major things in my life.

I have been dating a guy for 6 years now and have been thinking about marrying him. He doesn’t work and I have to support him both emotionally and financially. He is also a lot older than me and emotionally abusive. My cousin said to Carla for me “not to give everything to this guy – this ‘loser’ – that another guy was coming along.” That sounds like something my dad would say. Carla’s statement confirms that the message I received from my cousin in my dreams was really from him. (By the way – I did not tell Carla anything about the guy I am currently seeing ahead of her revelations – NOTHING.)

The second loss that I talked to Carla about was that of my unborn child. Carla did not know that the baby was lost before it was born, but she did know that I had already named her, which is amazing! A lot of people don’t name a baby that is lost at 3 weeks gestation. I somehow knew that the baby was a girl, which Carla confirmed. Carla told me that the baby’s spirit is close to me (which I can feel) and that the baby’s spirit will likely come back to me in a few years as my child again when the circumstances are right for that soul.

I have been in intense pain over this loss for 5 years. I felt extremely guilty and at fault for the circumstances that caused the loss of my baby. Carla explained to me that the baby would’ve been born with the cord around its neck and that the baby’s spirit is content now. I could sense that there was a complication with this pregnancy and I’m so glad Carla confirmed that. Carla also knew that if the baby was born at that time, it would’ve been born into bad circumstances and would’ve had a hard life. I would’ve tried as hard as I possibly could, but there is only so much I can do. “The baby’s father wasn’t willing to do anything to help himself – let alone another human being,” Carla stated. (This is true and impossible for anyone to have known!)

Thank you so much, Carla, for helping me spiritually to find some closure for all of the painful losses in my life! I really appreciate it and highly recommend her sessions! She is a really kind, understanding, and non-judgmental woman that truly wants to use her amazing psychic abilities to help others! Thanks again, Carla, and I look forward to talking to you again!


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