Dead Men Do Tell Tales – A Good Psychic Medium Can Interpret The Signs

I had the pleasure of having another reading with Carla today. I have psychic abilities myself. I didn’t realize how strong they were until my reading with Carla. Since I was 5 years old, I have been praying for the answer to my cousin’s death. He was my father’s best friend and first cousin. They looked alike and acted alike. I communicate with him often, usually in dreams. About a year ago, he gave me the image of a red sports car. He wanted me to know that had something to do with his death. Since I was only 5 years old when he passed, I knew nothing about a red sports car. I asked my grandparents if he owned a red car of if anyone he knew did. They told me that his girlfriend at the time drove a red sports car. What an amazing discovery!

I wanted to see if my psychic image was correct, so I asked Carla what the red car that I was seeing meant. (I had not shared with Carla any information at all about what I knew.) She said “…it was a symbol of the passion that he had in this relationship, this relationship meant everything to him. When it ended, he lost the will to live.” Carla was so right!

In my previous testimonial, I wrote about a message he gave me in my dreams – “…to forgive a person for their misadventures.” Misadventure is not a word that I frequently use. I looked it up in the legal dictionary and got this definition – “a death due to unintentional accident without any violation of law or criminal negligence.” During my first reading with Carla, she stated that his death was the result of him playing Russian- Roulette. He had given me the answer to his death. I just didn’t trust my psychic abilities enough until talking with Carla.

During my second reading with Carla, he was determined for me to end my karmic relationship with my current boyfriend. Carla heard him say that “I needed to do it quickly in one swift motion, or else I wouldn’t leave. And that my life would improve immediately, a difference between night and day.” His persistence with this reminds me of my father. Almost every time I see my father, he reminds me that I’m in a dead-end relationship, and what my future will be like.

In my last reading, Carla said he also wanted me to know that another man was coming along, a medical professional that I would meet at work. I was thinking about that and realized that I had already met this person. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and one day in the lab, the phlebotomist (who usually does ekgs) was at dinner. I was the only one working in the lab, so I got called to the ER to do a STAT ekg. When I got into the patient’s room, the ER doctor was also there. We looked at each other and there was an instant ‘spark.’ I couldn’t look him in the eyes, I had to focus on the job that I was there to do. As I was leaving, he told the patient, “I hope we see more of this sweetheart that just did your ekg.”

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I waited a few days, then sent him a friend request on Facebook. He sent me a message saying that it was a pleasure to meet me and that I was skilled enough to do my job and hold a conversation with the patient simultaneously and I was also smart enough to follow his lead in doing so. We had both lived in the same city for 2 years, but met as we were both working at the same hospital in a completely different town. We had worked at this same small hospital for 8 months and met on his very last day there. We ended up having an affair lasting for a couple of months. We still talk often and have a great relationship.

Carla told me that he was, in fact, the one that I am destined to be with – the timing was just off because I was still in my current karmic relationship and wasn’t ready to move on. She said that he was also in a karmic relationship that wasn’t working out. She sees the summer time as a possible “first window” for our relationship to pick up again – AFTER I have left my current karmic relationship behind for good!

Carla said that my cousin who died also wanted to tell my father to “stick up for himself and to stop dealing with all of the everyday drama.” What Carla didn’t know was that my father does deal with drama everyday. He’s a really passive person, and let’s his employers treat him with an awful amount of disrespect. When my cousin said for him to just leave it, and not to deal with it anymore, that he is wanting my dad to be at peace – I was amazed how Carla could know this!

One of the last topics discussed in my last reading with Carla was that I had been drawn to my deceased cousin’s house because I felt the presence of a spirit there. I felt a strong presence, so I took a photograph. In the photograph I saw a face, not human, but paranormal. I showed my relatives that told me that it was, in fact, a face. They couldn’t explain it. The moment I snapped the photograph, I heard a big popping sound. I looked behind me across the fence, and there was an old soda bottle that had somehow popped exactly when I hit the flash on the camera. When my brother looked at the photograph, he said, “Look at those red glowing eyes. That’s really creepy!”

After that, I had a dream that my cousin’s house was possessed by a demonic entity. There was also a smiling face in the photograph along with the set of red glowing eyes. I thought this was perhaps my cousin’s spirit. I asked Carla if it was and she replied, “No, that is an evil entity. I don’t come across that very often… his house needs a complete spiritual cleansing.”

I started to panic. I saw on a psychic show once that evil entities can hold other spirits hostage. I believe that’s probably why there were more than one set of eyes in the picture. I’m just glad that Carla had sensed my cousin has crossed over and isn’t being held there!

Once again – both mine and Carla’s psychic readings matched each other! Carla was just able to fill in a little more detail that I couldn’t see clearly. I will never set foot on that property again! When I want to visit my cousin, I will visit him at his gravesite!

Thanks again, Carla, for a wonderful reading!

Carla has an amazing gift! I look forward to strengthening my psychic abilities and keeping in contact with Carla in the future!


Morgantown, WV



(Friday, 2/21/14)

Carla!!!! I have to tell you that I just figured out everything you told me was right about the guy cheating, although at the time we were talking about two different men. It hit me last night like a ton of bricks. I prayed to Joe and asked him to help me out, b/c this didn’t sound like the guy that I thought it was, the guy that I was together six years with. Just like that, boom, Joe answered me with the guy’s name! I got to some deep thinking, and I said I bet she’s talking about this guy. Everything you were describing to me sounded just like him. It all started to make sense. I fell hard for him. He was my coworker. He moved for an assignment as he is a traveler. He has never gotten over his ex girlfriend. She lives about 3 hrs from him. He drives to see her on his days off work. She is currently dating a guy and using him for his money. She and the guy I liked still loved each other! I talk to him everyday and just can’t seem to break it off. This is a karmic relationship that can go no further. I agree with you and am cutting it off with this guy today! Wow, thank you Carla!!!!!!! You are amazing!!!! Absolutely amazing!!

– Jennifer from Morgantown, WV

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