True love for this couple predicted over a decade ago!


Dear Carla,

I want to thank you for all the help and guidance you have provided me and my significant other (let’s call him Tim) over the years! Tim and I worked together 1996-1998, became good friends and even though we lived on opposite ends of the country the last 13 years we stayed in touch. I always considered Tim a good friend but we never really saw each other as romantic partners and we each drifted through our own relationships over time. Tim told me about you in the early 2000’s and during my first reading with you in 2003, you told me that Tim was a ‘true blue’ friend. Unbeknownst to me, you separately told Tim in 2005 that one day he would come and get me in DC. I was living in Florida at the time!

Well in April of this past year, we got together for a one day visit… that day the universe shifted, the fog I was living under was lifted, and I saw him for the wonderful caring perfect partner that he is! I left DC and moved out to join him out west, and we are so very happy!

Tim is currently struggling through a difficult divorce and last night you provided him with some very helpful insight into the situation and urgent advice to not let the process drag on. He shared with me what you covered in the reading, and it is truly amazing the details you knew about the situation! I am always blown away how you can not only perfectly describe the people in our lives as if you personally knew them, but reveal aspects of the person not always apparent to us.

Thank you, thank you, Carla!!

I used to sign my testimonials “Drifting in DC” ..but now will sign as follows:

“No longer drifting in DC”
Yakima, WA

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