It was his first-ever psychic reading. We covered it all – family, career, job concerns, past lives, future!


I had a session with Carla Baron on Monday, October 6th, 2014.

I first asked about a serious complaint someone made about me at work. I wanted to know if the situation was being blown out of proportion or was I getting ready to face termination or worse, legal trouble. Carla knew that my boss was on my side on this one, which was something I had not hinted or mentioned at all. Carla also explained to me that my job would be safe and that entire situation would blow over, which is what is happening. Carla told me that my manager was positive and supportive of me without having to mention anything their take on the situation. I was impressed with how Carla was able to tap into the people around me in this situation.

I also asked about career. Given that I just graduated college a few months ago, I wanted to know what was ahead of me. The information that came through was very good news and I couldn’t stop smiling for the next hour. It’s in line with what I do now for work and the type of relationships I’m able to develop. Carla was also spot on about things such as my personality type (I tend to distance myself from others) and that I tend to sell myself short, which is true, sometimes I don’t always believe in myself. But after hearing what she told me, I honestly think I won’t be that way anymore. Carla also picked up on how I felt about my performance in college and how I thought what I studied was irrelevant, she reassured me it wouldn’t create any blocks and that no one really ends up doing what they study in school post-graduation anyway.

I asked about my father, who disappeared when I was young. I honestly am not very concerned about his disappearance but I was curious what happened to him. I knew about the event that led up to his disappearance and Carla basically told me the story accurately. She also knew that he was involved in some bad circles – again I didn’t mention much about this, I hardly know anything about my father besides his name and the things he did that got him in trouble. It’s a subject I don’t care to talk about, but Carla was able to tap into both of my parents and the type of people they were at the time (as well as presently) easily.

I asked about one past life at the end of my session, in which Carla told me I was a male who melted metals and other materials to help build war ships as my occupation. I died in that life time from damage to my lungs from being exposed to that environment. In this lifetime, I randomly run out of breath sometimes when I’m speaking. Shortness of breath is something I also struggle with when I fall ill. I can’t even speak a sentence without running out of breath. Lastly, I also love the color silver and I have since I was a child, not really sure why, but I feel that has got something to do with it.

At the end of my session I felt really great. It was my first reading ever and I thought it was a successful reading. Thank you, Carla!

San Diego, CA

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