She was skeptical as this had been her 1st psychic reading with Carla Baron – even tossed her session notes without thinking. Turns out – the things she remembered had ALL come to pass just as Carla predicted they would!!


This is my 2nd reading with Carla. My first one went great, but since it was my first time I was skeptical. I wrote down everything Carla had mentioned in my reading, but later tossed the paper.

By this month – the stuff I remember she told me all happened; i.e., I would be at a new job (this happened in August) and by November things will fall into place. She also mentioned that I’d have a new car in November. I seriously didn’t believe this because I’m not a big spender – but she was right! The car wasn’t worth the repair fees so had to invest in a new car. I was thankful for the insight beforehand (even though I didn’t take it seriously at the time.)

Thank you, Carla, for your talent and sharing it with others. I will be in contact with you soon. Let’s see what happens come January! That is my birth month and time to shine!

Huntington Beach, CA

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