Talk about fast outcome which Carla predicted – I am cooking a romantic dinner for 2 this Friday night!

Dear Carla,

Thank-you for yesterday’s reading. I was ready to give up on someone I truly Love. But you helped me understand what was the reason for his behavior lately. Like I said to you – I was ready to give up, but my heart was not ready. You said no and explained why he was acting this way.

Basically, I reconnected with the guy in question last month. When we saw each other, after 3 months apart, the sparks and energy were still very strong. We both missed each other and planned to keep in touch and get together again. We did keep in touch for a good 2 weeks and planned to go out.

After the 2 weeks, he stopped calling and messaging. I would reach out to him, but he was sometimes ignoring my calls and messages. Yesterday after the last message I sent him and got no response, I thought maybe I should give up. But I didn’t feel it was the right thing to do yet, nor was I ready for that.

Had a Skype session with Carla and she told me it was not me he’s avoiding, he just gets lost in some personal issues. She explained what was going on and said for me to call him and that it will be good. I thought well ok, but that’s all I’ve been doing was reaching out to him.

What the strange thing during our Skype session was we lost the Skype connection twice. After the second time I lost connection with Carla, I decided to call him without any thought or hesitation. Well let me tell you – it went very well our talk, just as Carla predicted! If I hadn’t lost Skype contact with Carla, I would have given too much thought into calling him and may have delayed or chickened out. Good thing I took her word for it!!

Talk about fast outcome which Carla predicted – I am cooking a romantic dinner for 2 this Friday night!

Right after I finished talking to him, Carla contacted me back to finish our session. Thank-you Carla for keeping me on my true life course.

P.S. I love the humor you use in our session, gave me a good laugh and visual! lol

Toronto, Canada

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