Love never ends. I now know the truth. Carla hit everything right out of the park!!


Carla answered many questions I have had for years.
I won’t give details, but 2+2 always = 4.

Love never ends. I now know the truth. She hit everything right out of the park!!

If anyone wants the truth, not just what they want to hear, get with Carla. She saw what happened and I had thought most of this for years – but I got details, what a blessing!

Thank you, Carla, for truth… and the gentle way you helped me!

Canal Fulton, OH

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(Polly sent this detailed testimonial the very next day on 7.25.15)

Nearly 40 yrs ago the great love of my life was taken from this life. I have had many questions about what REALLY happened and with good reason . I have hidden my grief and stayed away from his associates(I use that word because they certainly weren’t friends) because I had a very bad feeling and knew I had to keep our child safe. In the last year, I finally began to face this. I know 40 yrs is a long time to bury my feelings, but I guess when you love someone that much the pain is just more than you can deal with. I finally put enough money together to call Carla. I had seen her on t.v. on Haunting Evidence and thought… If I would give anyone the chance to show me that being a psychic could be real – it was her.

Long story short, money well spent! She validated my worst fears! She knows , she saw, she told. She knew things without me giving her information , things no one would have known. He still has a great deal of trouble handling what happened, as do his sisters and I. Hopefully the next time I call her, he is able to talk to me at length. OH YES, I will call her again!! Anyone that needs guidance should call her she truly has the gift. You died defending me, I love you Jim, that will never change, not in this life or the next.

Thank You so much, Carla!


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