Carla warned me about potential complications with a European land purchase, putting a whole new light on the matter that I could never have predicted!


I had a reading with Carla a few months ago with a question about the land parcels in Europe I wanted to buy from my cousin. I wasn’t sure if I should proceed with the purchase as the legal issues were very complicated. Additionally, I wasn’t on very friendly terms with the family, so I was afraid they actually would go against me, rather than sell me the land I wanted.

Carla was very patient and so informative. She gave me lots of details on the whole situation and pointed out that it would be in my best interest if I realized my cousin would be difficult on this matter. She was so right! She warned me about potential complications and she put a whole new light on the matter that I could never have predicted! Thanks only to Carla’s caring reading, I was able to build my relationship with my cousin and find that “bridge” so we could make a deal. Today, I’m so happy because I never would have dreamed it was possible to acquire the land. But with Carla’s excellent reading, I got it, and it was virtually painless!

Thank You, Carla, from me and my family!

Brooklyn, NY

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