In a reading with Carla in July 2014, I became very emotional when she indicated that there would be another man entering the picture – and I would have to choose. Then it happened this past weekend…


This is a testimonial I write with mixed feelings. In a reading with Carla in July 2014, I became very emotional when Carla indicated that there would be another man entering the picture – and I would have to choose. I remember crying and saying to Carla that I didn’t WANT anyone else, I wanted HIM (Jamie). I couldn’t imagine who or how this was going to occur. I lead a pretty private life. It didn’t come to pass and I more or less forgot about it, as Jamie and I continued to bond – especially over the latter part of last year and continuing throughout this year.

Then Saturday morning, Aug. 8th occurred. My ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago popped up. He sent me an email. We have always maintained a cordial casual relationship over the years. We broke up because I relocated several states away. We never discussed getting back together. I would occasionally invite him down to see me, when I wasn’t in a relationship. He ran a successful company and traveled a lot so it never came to pass and I didn’t get the impression he had an interest in resurrecting our relationship. Due to his circumstances, and my proximity.

He informed me on Saturday evening that he had had a significant health scare. I think that, and the fact that he is in a different place in his career now – more established, has employees taking some of the workload off him, that his priorities have changed.

Immediately I remembered Carla and the other man. I have no doubt this is what she was referring to. She did not indicate to me WHO I would chose. But that fact that she would frequently see “marriage” in the readings regarding Jamie and I, I assumed I would choose Jamie. And I did. I did. It was somewhat difficult because I care about Tim and we have history and it was fun to re-connect and walk down memory lane but at the same time I have this incredible man that I am just head over heels for and no amount of history can compete with that. My heart is with someone else now. That was very difficult for Tim to hear. He understood it was 10 years later, etc., but I can understand the disappointment. I am struggling with all of that. The emotional connection. But when all is said and done, this is the right thing to do. It just came out of no where and completely threw me. It might be easier too if Tim wasn’t a “great catch” but for almost two years I have been working on developing this new relationship. I have a lot invested, time-wise and emotionally and as I recently provided a testimonial for, we are in the process of entering a new phase that has been a very long time in coming!

Carla mentioned Jamie would be hurt by this situation with Tim. I do not think I will tell him. He is away traveling and there was no harm done. If the relationship was more established I might be more inclined but I don’t want to jeopardize things at this delicate stage, and have doubt placed in his mind and have that burden for us to carry. In time this incident will fade away. I have mixed feelings if I would want to know if he had been contacting by an ex pressuring him to get back together. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Especially if it can potentially do more harm than good.

My feelings for Jamie have always been strong and clear but having this experience with Tim and in a position to “choose,” further crystallized both my feelings for him and the direction I wish to follow. The love story continues.

Myrtle Beach, SC

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