Psychic attacks, husband’s job, missing black cat … it’s all in here!

I’ve had readings with Carla and it had been a while since I had one done. There were some issues that were heavy on my heart and mind, so I decided to contact Carla to find out what Spirit had to say for me.

My most pressing issue is that I had been ‘attacked’ by what many would call an “Energy Vampire” for over 13 months now. My question I directed to Carla was “Is this person ever going to stop?” Carla picked up right away on this person being extremely unhappy, that they were lashing out at the world and people around them, that the person was also ‘unwell.’ She sensed that it would last around another nine to ten months – then it would end. She also stated “…the person was dying” – this statement in her own words. (Carla said she doesn’t use those words normally.) This is absolutely true – the person has a terminal illness – something I did not reveal to Carla until AFTER she said this. Carla stated that the person thought I owed them – which is totally spot on! (This person believes that I owe them a great deal, as we had worked together on some projects.)

Then Carla went on to explain that we must have ‘agreed’ on this, that I would be her ‘whipping post’ for a time. It was a lesson for myself, to learn to say when is enough and stop it – not to let it go any further. At some point, forgiveness is no longer the answer – taking back ones own power and letting go. Extremely good advice in this day and age.

Then my second pressing issue was about my 10-year-old male black cat who decided to go wandering since June 16th of 2015! Carla then laughed when she went to look into this issue and said, “He thinks he’s a cougar, he wants to go exploring”.. that he had been unhappy and felt ‘restricted’ in what he was able to do. This makes sense, since he loved to go outside and patrol the backyard and the yard next door. Carla said that he wanted to explore the great outdoors, and that he was on an adventure to the Great Unknown. Then I asked if he’d be coming back. Carla said, “No, he’s having too much fun. You should let him go and love the memories you had.” Carla described him to the letter – his personality and everything else about him!

Then my final pressing issue that I asked about was my husband’s job. Carla said she saw him at his present place of employment until around April, that she sees him going to work at home then – doing work for customers ‘fixing/ repairing’ things. This is so spot on! My husband and two of his friends were talking about working with the customers from this present job on the instruments that they already have sent out to them. So this new job would be like a consultation job for present customers. Carla saw that it would be a wonderful thing for him, and it would work out.

As always – Carla was spot on with her reading and had wonderful advice in many areas. Thank you again, Carla.

Houston, TX

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