HA! You were right again (not like I doubted you lol just here’s exact proof). You said there was a paperwork issue with my medical settlement and I just got this email from my attorney a few mins ago.

I will start by saying I usually hate talking on the phone for more than a couple minutes, but my conversation with Carla was so informative and enjoyable that I even extended my 30 minute reading into a one hour reading while we were on the phone! Her reading was amazingly accurate and I can’t wait for what is in store for my future!

Talking with Carla was like having a conversation with a friend I have never met but knew me better than I knew myself. She knew I had abilities and gave me advice that I really needed to hear. She said that my abilities are more open when I am in a heightened emotional state, which is dead on. I become very receptive, especially when I feel angry, but it’s not a bad thing. The best advice she gave me that no other psychic has given me was that I need to stop trying to process information when I receive it and that I need to wait until later to analyze this. Her advice made perfect sense to me, I just had not thought of that before. I have had experiences with spirits, and she was able to clarify some of my experiences that I could not clarify on my own.

She told me that I need to make my own choices and stop letting others influence my decisions so much. This is very true, and I am aware with this and have struggled with letting others make decisions for me for most of my life, but her kind words have given me more confidence so that I may overcome this obstacle one day.

Carla brought up a car accident, which was a very pivotal point in my life for me. It happened 14 years ago. It knocked me out, and I was a very different person afterwards. There was no way she could have known about this.

She asked me if I had just applied for a part-time job. I did apply for a part-time job very recently! She said I have to let them know I really want it to make it happen, and I will be taking her advice and will be calling them to let them know I want it.

I asked about a medical settlement I am supposed to be receiving. She indicated there are issues with paperwork, but money would be coming my way! She also indicated that the medical device I had to have removed was not fully removed in my system and was causing other health issues. Again, there was no way for her to know that and part of it is still embedded in tissue and causing health problems. I didn’t know for sure if it was still causing issues, but I certainly felt like it was! Carla confirmed it for me, so now I can take the necessary steps to fix my health thanks to her advice. She insisted that I need to listen to my own body and stop listening to others, which I feel is the right thing to do. When I listen to my own body, I feel so much better as opposed to when I feel medication is forced upon me.

I had worries about family members, and Carla eased my worries with her advice and visions for future events.

I had questions about my purpose in life because I often feel confused. She indicated that early next year I would meet a male with whom I will do business involving some type of innovation and research, and that it would bring me great excitement and help a group of people! She said my husband would find a job he loves, as well.

The reading left me feeling very happy and brought me a feeling of peace and contentment that I have not felt for a very long time. It was truly a joy and a blessing to be able to get a reading from Carla, and I will definitely be contacting her when I need a reading again.



10:58AM PST 2.11.16

HA! You were right again (not like I doubted you lol just here’s exact proof). You said there was a paperwork issue with my medical settlement and I just got this email from my attorney a few mins ago.

“I had to argue with them a bit on the notary pages for the bankruptcy certification. As of 8/2012 the notary’s ID number must be printed on the stamp and your claim was marked deficient because hers was not. After doing some research, it only needs to be there after the notary renews and in her case her stamp was issued prior to the rule going into effect. I had to jump through some hoops, but the deficiency was cleared and it should go into a payment group soon.”



Castle Rock, CO

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