Carla sees clearly into the historical past, present, future on this one!


Oh my goodness – where to start. I guess I will just start at the beginning. I have been teetering with the idea of having a reading with Carla for a year now. I am a firm believer in when the time is right. Not only that but also when you need the message. I had tons I wanted to know so I had to narrow it down. Seriously could have done a 3 hour read. I want to make it clear this was the first 45 minute session I have ever done with Carla. I told her nothing! I asked a question and the answers just started coming with no prompting.

My first experience with Carla and questions was when I did the ask 1 question on Easter weekend – when she did a free read on Facebook for her “doves.” (This was the one & only time she has or will ever offer this. Thousands of psychic questions were answered by Carla from people all over the world that weekend. I don’t know how she did it. Amazing!) My husband and I both felt his career was stagnant. Let’s just say the Army promotion system needs a real revamping. I will get to more of that in a minute. I asked will his career progress or something along those lines. She responded with sometime in June the tides will turn and start to look up. Awesome. Tucked that little tidbit in my cap and carried on with stalking her page. Well here rolls around the month of May. We celebrate my son’s birthday. We are nearing the end of the month. My husband’s name is added to the promotion roster. He sat promotable for over 3 years. The points were constantly at 798 and that is pretty impossible to have obtained being in basically the infancy of his army career. He was pinned Sargent on June 1st 2015. How crazy right?!

(Fast forward to December/January)

Carla is talking about Mercury in Retrograde on Facebook. Read her post and chuckle that sums up my feelings of the last few days. January 7th we go and look at a truck. We own a horse and need to haul here (answer given later). We sit on the idea a few days. Set up the 10th to go and sign for the truck. I wake up and am “No – we are not signing anything. This feels way off.” It was my husband’s dream truck. I felt bad for putting the kibosh on it. He is pretty selfless. He has also learned to listen to my intuition. Generally, I am spot on (or near close) on my bad feelings. Proof being – I knew our daughter had passed before the doctor told us. I knew his mom was dying before I got the phone call. I woke that morning and told him that something was off with his mom and not right. We lived in Germany at the time. He laughed it off until I had to call him home from work. So over the years if I say no and am really pushy on it, he has learned to listen. Fast forward to President’s Day. We go to the dealership in Missouri. He is looking at trucks and nothing is striking his fancy. I keep saying I feel the truck is here. Finally, a truck pulls out of the bay. The sales guy says that one is for sale, as well. Needless to say, we got an amazing deal and signed for it. While it wasn’t his first choice, it was the right choice. It has way better options. (Yay for that.)

So last night I had some strange dreams and they are recurring dreams. I woke this morning and decided today is the day we get the answers to our questions. A day I can move forward and prepare for the next chapter. You just know when your life is in transition. Sometimes you just need the guidance. We have plans to leave the Army and leave the area we are in. We feel like we are drowning and just can’t breathe. The army does not reward those who work hard. (I should say this unit doesn’t.) They just take advantage. That is a story for another day. Carla picked up on this right away. She just picked up that we aren’t happy. That we feel like we can never catch our breath. So very true. Anytime we drive outside of Kansas we can breathe again. Unfortunately, we cannot move until the army allows us to leave. Carla sensed a “June/July time frame.” Asked my husband the earliest we could leave today. “June/July time frame” as he has separation leave time then.

She also stated that he would be doing stuff with woodworking on the side. I opened the web browser this afternoon on the computer he uses. He was on Harbor Freight’s website. There are too many little details Carla picked up on for it not to be correct. He has talked about wishing he had his dad’s carpentry skills. I am sure he does have them. He just needs to let them out. She also talked about him needing to start “drawing designs.” I am going out to get him a sketch pad and pencils tonight. He used to draw all the time as a kid. She said she didn’t see us going anywhere here in Kansas, and that we would love where he chose for us to live. She stated outside of Nashville. Carla is dead on! There was a house he fell in love with 20 miles outside of Nashville. We are working on purchasing it. He found it. We had made a list of what we wanted and what we didn’t, compared, and compromised. She had said she saw this “wood project” as finished. The one project he knows how to do is porches. The porch on this house needs revamping. She also saw me gardening. One thing I miss terribly. She said “the soil needed to be fortified.” Interested to see.

The next thing we talked about was past lives. I have a lot of moments in life where I am like – this has happened before, or I felt like it has happened before. Really can’t explain it. I told her I had strong connections to my husband Paul, and my best friend Jean Rose. Paul and I have had past lives, Carla sensed, as brother and sister. Also I was his prostitute. Crazy!?!?!?! As she is not the first one to say I was an escort before. She also touched upon that if I feel like sex is expected – then it doesn’t happen. Holy Shit… is she sitting in my bedroom??? So spot on. I will not be told what to do. Life lesson from the past playing out in this life. So interesting.

Jean Rose was my mother in another life, Carla said, and I lost her as a child. We talked of how she coughs to this day. It is a side effect of her passing in that life. I am also very worried about losing her in this life, Carla saw. That is true. She is a survivor of abuse. There was a time the only way I could assume she was alive was by reading the daily obituaries. This was 18 months straight. She is safe and happy now. We helped pull her out of the situation she was in. This is also lingering from that life together. So interesting. I tell her all the time she is my soul sister.

We had time for one more topic. There are many times when I feel like I am being watched. We hear running in our home and giggling. It is that of a little girl. The neighbors are hardly there. The walls are thick enough we don’t hear them. This happens all hours of the day and night. A lot of time at night. There have been times that the hall light is on for no reason. I will wake up because it is shining on my face. We have a yellow hue in our pitch black room for no known reason. Though we have the moments of during the day. This also has been a theme throughout my life. She shed light on this little girl whose name is “Sarah” or similar. (She does giggle when my name is called.) Carla said that the girl died due to an accident. Carla had a vision of a “leg brace” on the little girl’s leg, and something with a “near death experience around water.” I will be doing research this weekend. Stay tuned… My read with Carla was amazing. I will be saving my pennies to do a read with her again. It was just what I needed today. Thank you so much Carla.



A mom of one the kids I watch came to pick up her daughter after work. We got to talking about my read. She said she knew the guy who runs the historical society here on Fort Riley. Awesome!!! She calls and he knew what we were talking about. The little girl’s name is “Sarafina.” She had a “brace on her leg” due to a horse accident. Where my house now stands used to be horse stable and arenas. Many horse ponds that have been filled in. Her family called her “Sarah.” We are wondering if she thinks we are calling for her when my husband calls for me from downstairs as you hear the giggles clearly. I am liking to think she is happy. She has never been malicious. Just silly things kids would do. As soon as the manager of our archives comes back and sends me the information, I will be emailing the info to Carla. He is trying to see if he can get a hold of the fill in. The last few days there has been more activity from laughing to the sound of running up and down the hallways. We simply say, “Good night, Sarah” and it goes quiet again.


Again I have to say I asked Carla a question and the answers came. She is the real deal. I had chills when I was done with my read. I will be doing another for sure. Carla is so easy to talk to and she makes you feel comfortable. Like I told Carla, I did sage the area I would be seated in for my reading. I wanted a cleansed area. Thank you so much, Carla.

Fort Riley, Kansas

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